Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Weekend Happenings

Hi everyone! How was your weekend? Our's (me and my family) was very tiring but fun. We did a lot of things and been to some places which I would want to share with you.

Saturday (July 20), Hubby and I went to the hospital to have some laboratory exam done. My in-laws took the kids with them to Manila as they had to deal with some business matters. Hubby and I finished around 1pm and left the hospital right away. But we were so hungry that we stopped by at Baclaran to have our lunch. We decided to eat at Chowking since I was craving for the Naicha(Milk Tea) and I would also want to try the Golden Chinese Pork. But when we were at the counter already my husband asked if I wanted to order what we usually order and I said yes, and forgot about the Golden Chinese Pork lol.
This may be weird to some, but YES! We love Chowking's Wanton Mami + the Chaofan! This is what we usually order, however I wonder why hubby didn't order the one with Siomai.
And of course the Naicha!

Oh by the way, would like to squeeze in some outfit of the day for Saturday :)

Me and hubby inside the elevator of the building where we live

After we ate, he headed straight home to Manila where Athena baby's sleeping and Kuya Tantan is upstairs playing with the kids.

Later in the afternoon around 4 or 5 I guess, we (mom-in-law, sis-in-law, me and athena) went to Divisoria, it's just a few distance walk from home but we rode a "padyak" or sidecar. We only went to one shopping center the 168 Mall, supposed to buy curtain but ended up buying clothes for the kids. Anyway this is a place to shop especially if you are in a budget. After about 3 or 4 hours we then went home as we are already tired and hungry. We had dinner in this Chinese Restaurant in Manila which I forgot the name, the only thing I remember is that there's a black pig tied up in front (it doesn't stink though, it is well maintained) and according to my in laws they also had snake and other animals upstairs which i didn't get to see. After eating we then drove back home to Las Pinas. It was past 10 in the evening when we arrived so settled everything and put the kids to sleep. Then a refreshing bath for me, and I even got a leg massage from hubby. My leg aches from long periods of walk and standing.

By the way here's some of the stuff we bought:

Php50 each

except for this which we got for 430. Original Price 480

And me wearing the "pantulog" I bought for Php100 only

Sunday (July 21st), did the usual things, house chores, played with the kids and so on.
By the way here's some photos of them wearing the clothes we bought:

Then later that day we went to Las Pinas Bamboo Organ church to hear a mass. Had dinner at "Aling Lucy's" I guess this is my father in laws favorite place, this is the second time he took us here. Then before going home we grabbed some refreshment at Starbucks which I ordered the Green Tea White Chocolate Pudding one of their new beverage.

Oh here's some of our Sunday photos:

Pinky stripes :)

had to put a topper since were going to church

There you have it!

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