Thursday, November 19, 2015

Jordan's Premiere BEAUTY SECRETS Mud Products To Launch This December 2015

I admit, when  it comes to beauty stuff I'm actually a late bloomer. There are a lot of beauty products available in the market and product reviews all over the world wide web but I'm just hesitant to try because my first time wasn't a pleasant experience and that was during my college days. I stopped using anything on my face except soap and water and it took a while before I had the courage to give some beauty products a try. Another reason is because I breastfed my youngest, and some ingredients are not safe for me and my baby. But here I am now, exploring the world of beauty. I know I have more to discover!

When you hear the word Mud what comes to your mind? I don' know about you but for a late bloomer like me, it's  unlikely to be associated with beauty, but I was wrong. And, last Friday November 13th we got to unveil a secret from one of the renowned beauty brand in the world- BEAUTY SECRETS.

I together with other fellow Bloggers were invited to get to know their products more, the event was held at their second home, the sister company of BEAUTY SECRETS, AL BATRA Coffee Shop and Restaurant.

BEAUTY SECRETS, the only brand in the world that has the widest range of FACIAL MUD PRODUCTS from THE DEAD SEA. Did you know that the mud from the dead sea has been used for generations but only BEAUTY SECRETS uses ALL NATURAL ingredients which are compliant with European Cosmetics Standards and with ISO 22716 certification. They are already available in 65 countries in the Middle East, Europe, Russia, Africa, Ukraine, USA, Canada, Asia and will soon be available in major malls in the Philippines this December 2015!

Only BEAUTY SECRETS PRODUCTS FACIAL MUD and it's other products from the DEAD SEA has 21 minerals like Magnesium, Potassium, Chloride, Bromide, Sodium, Iodine, Calcium to name a few and natural ingredients like Aloe Vera, Collagen, Sage, Chamomile, Avocadine, Jojoba, Vitamin E and Genger roots.

At the event, an experiential demonstration was done to which I actually learned a lot. I can't believe how many steps a beauty regimen could take, but I guess there's no shortcut to achieving a beautiful skin. 

Products used
Ms. Richelle Molon and Ms. Alice Mate;
 Bloggers who volunteered to be our models for the night.

After applying the FACIAL MUD, what's next? If your answer is to rinse it off with water, you are wrong. We found out that you just have to let it come off using your fingers or with a facial wipes then apply a facial cream. Surprised? 

Our models looking fresh after the demo.
After the demonstration and few discussions, we were served with delectable authentic Mediterranean/Persian cuisine for dinner which you should give a try when in Makati. It was indeed a fun and relaxing experience. I'm glad to be part of the event because personally, I believe that their products are very promising and the fact that they are 100% natural is a great plus for me.

With more than 120 plus products, BEAUTY SECRETS, the model of consistent product philosophy and uncompromising quality face, body and spa treatment, is distributed by Jordan's Premiere Beauty Secret Inc.

BEAUTY SECRETS Corporation had been established in the beginning of 2004 by a group of experts in dermatology, chemistry, marketing, advertising and finance backed up with the most modern research laboratories in Jordan, United States, France and Switzerland. The experts from these countries came up with a magnificent line of skin care products and furthermore, innovated the blending of natural herbal and floral fruity extracts with minerals for personal or for spa use.

I can't wait to try mine! Thanks Jordan Premiere Beauty Secret Inc.

Watch out for their launching this December 2015 they will be available in major malls and if you want to experience a personalized facial and body scrub treatment, you can book an appointment.
Visit them at:

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Kuya J Restaurant Food Review

I want to immediately say that nope you won't see Jericho Rosales in this blog post but you will definitely know whether this restaurant is worth it like "Money well spent worth it" or "I just came here because Jericho Rosales is endorsing it". Last November 14 was an average day for us and then everybody randomly decided to go out just because... Well just because they wanted to. We went to SM Southmall and upon entering there was this sign that my parents couldn't resist to notice. Yes, It was the Kuya J's sign inviting us to try their dishes.

We came there around 5:30PM and it was going to be an early dinner for all of us. I swore to myself that i wasn't going to eat much since i was a bit full from lunch, I even opted in ordering 1 cup of regular rice only but then they ordered Sizzling Gambas, Crispy Pata, Binagoongang Rice and Sinuglaw. I somehow felt a bit challenged since there's no way I'm missing out on any of those dishes.

Orders started coming one by one after 15 minutes which was alright for us since we didn't wait that long.

First up are the shakes. Everyone was like *bakit hindi puno* hahaha! We do like the idea of having it in a mason jar but taste wise there's really nothing else to complain about.
Price: 85.00 pesos each

Then comes the Sinuglaw. Marinated grilled pork belly and fresh Tanigue fish soaked in vinegar. I only ate the grilled pork since i can't tolerate eating raw fish. *Yes I'm also a kill joy with some Chinese, Japanese and Korean Dishes. Thumbs up from me for the grilled pork and another thumps up for the Tanigue fish from my parents and wife. The only down side is the small serving which will definitely make you order at least two of this.
Price: 230 pesos

Sizzling Gambas which happens to be another dish that will leave you hanging. We ended ordering another plate. It definitely have a good combination of heat and flavor. Achievement unlocked: Using heat in a food review like Gordon Ramsey. There's room for improvements though since I feel like they need to add a bit more flavor on the sauce since it taste a little bland after the first few bites.
Price: 295 pesos

Humbinagoongan Rice Platter which again is a case of *bitin* moment. We might have also underestimated our appetite and ended up ordering another serving of this. We love it and the additional pork on top is a bonus. 
Price: 175 pesos

Drum Roll Please! Here comes their  best seller Cripsy Pata (Regular) which is also their Signature Dish. I happened to have gaze upon the other tables and it's funny cause everyone except for the two love birds i saw had this on their table. We love the crispiness of the skin and juiciness inside. You can order a (Family) size one but this one had us full already. We were 4 adults and 3 kids to share and munch over this scrumptious food. 
Price: 490 pesos (Regular) and 695 (Family)

Foodie! The lady on the background is probably thinking : "Why are they taking a selfie holding a Crispy Pata?! That's how good it is hahaha!

The place is so packed full! Do you see that spot with empty chairs? That's where we sat.

But it was immediately filled with new customers.

I do wish that they include the taxes of each dish in their menu already so that people won't be surprised with the estimate that they have in mind. Overall we did have a good time and didn't expect that it only costed us that much to enjoy those sumptuous dishes. Kuya J Restaurant easily became a part of our family's must go to restaurants.

Check out their Facebook and Website for more details.
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~Daddy Poreber

Friday, November 13, 2015

Dyson Fluffy DC74: Dyson's Latest Technology Media Exhibit

In this day and age, modernization is unstoppable as we aim to attain a better way of living. What gets a mom like me excited are things that can make life easier with kids, food, home and living. That's why I didn't think twice when I got invited together with my fellow Mommy Bloggers to attend the Dyson's media exhibit.

The exhibit showcased different modern products that promises a better way of living.

Dyson cylinder vacuums capture allergens and up to 99.99% of small dusts as small as 0.3 microns

The Dream Fan of every mom who worries that the fingers of their small kids might get cut with an ordinary fan's blade.

Dyson Air Multiplier. Powerful air projections. No blades. I simply wanted to take one home upon seeing that it works like how our regular fans work at home but without visible blades that can cause accidents. Less worries equals more fun at home!

Introducing, Dyson Fluffy DC74: Soft to touch but not a soft touch

The Dyson Fluffy DC74 is very compact and powerful, it's every modern mom's must have for an effective housekeeping. Every detail about Dyson's latest technology is just exceptional, It's Wireless and Super light but what I admire most is that it captures harmful fine dusts contrary to conventional cleaning thus leaving allergens behind which can cause respiratory problems. Amazing right?

The exhibit was hosted by Mr. Bobby Yan, Communications Head of WhitePlanet Inc. exclusive distributor of Dyson in the Philippines.

(Mr. Bobby Yan discussing the latest technology from Dyson)

In dept details on what exactly is the difference of Dyson's Fluffy DC74 from ordinary vacuum cleaners.

Nowadays, modern moms prefer using a vacuum cleaner rather than a traditional broom. But let's admit it, not all vacuums are created equal. Dyson Fluffy DC74 has been engineered to tackle dust and debris on hard floors without leaving a scratch behind. Dirt-- big or small--is definitely a no match!

The whole cleaner head of the DC74 has been redesigned by Dyson engineers; as a result the machine’s performance has increased dramatically. Though it's tough on dirt, it's kind to any kind of floor

The soft nylon cleaner head with carbon strips engulfs large debris and envelopes fine dust. 

Dyson Fluffy’s cleaner head casing is high at the front thus, gone are the days when the dirt just gets pushed around and gets stuck in the corners and crevices.  The brush bar can reach right up to skirting boards achieving outstanding edge to edge cleaning.. Also, the motor of the cleaner head is sat within the roller ensuring side-to-side pick-up is unrivaled. Not a speck left behind.

Dirt is then effortlessly sucked-up into the clear bin which can easily be emptied.

The Dyson digital motor sits at the heart of Dyson’s cordless vacuum cleaners. Spinning at 120,000rmp - 5 times faster than a formula 1 car engine- the Dyson digital V6 motor offers the power of a full-size vacuum cleaner. Powerful suction in a small, light package and without the hassle of wrangling a power cord around furniture.

Dyson Fluffy is always ready to go for easy floor cleaning and quickly converts to handheld mode, for cleaning the ceiling and even mattresses. It has 8 additional tools tackling hard-to-reach places. It has a motorised turbine head glides up stairs. The flexible crevice tool reaches narrow spaces behind furniture. There's the soft dusting brush sweeps up dust on blinds, a stubborn dirt brush tackles the hardest of grime. Mattress tool, removes dust, dirt and allergens from mattresses.

 Combination tool, nozzle converts to a brush tool for dusting.

 Crevice Tool, for cleaning in tight gaps and narrow spaces.

It also comes with a mini motorised tool, Nylon bristles agitate the fibers of mattresses to remove more dust and allergens.

You can get your own Dyson Fluffy DC74 for Php 38,500 and is available in Century City Mall (Dyson Concept Store), Rustan’s Makati, Rustan’s Shangri-La, Rustan's Cebu, Rustan's Gateway, Abenson Ascott, Duty Free Philippines, Anson's Makati, Robinson's Appliance Magnolia, True Value Rockwell, True Value Estancia and True Value 8Forbes.

A picture with the perky and nice Bobby Yan. He was my seatmate during lunch time at the exhibit.
(Na conscious tuloy ako kumain hehe)

With my fellow Mommy Bloggers Ms. Lariza Garcia and Ms. Eihdra Gatchalian
The Exhibit took place at Shangrila Plaza last November 6, 2015

I could just hold on to this forever.

For advice and support, Contact Dyson expert on 632-7274092 loc. 123, 9 am- 5:30 am. Mon.- Fri.
For further information and online assistance visit them at 
Facebook: Dyson
Instagram: Dyson Philippines

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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Eau Thermale Avene launches the Cleanance EXPERT, a solution to acne-prone skin

It seems like a social life saver in disguise is coming our way in the name of EAU THERMALE Avene~ I'm not one of those lucky ducklings who's never had to worry about acne. A new product called Cleanance EXPERT promises to give us the solution to acne-prone skin.

"Acne affects 80 percent of teenagers and 40 percent of adults worldwide. While this chronic inflammatory disease is treatable, making effective treatment to solve the condition is essential not only to smooth-en the skin but also boost a person’s confidence.

I'm glad to find out that the leading demo-cosmetic brand in Europe has recently launched it's Cleanance EXPERT a daily treatment, which targets unwanted spots and blackheads at the ground floor of SM Department Store, Makati City. Thus giving it further credibility to consumers.

“Acne usually takes a toll on a person’s self-esteem. Some even avoid going out with altogether or meet new people. These situations are very alarming,” said Harry Tsai, General Manager of Karihome Inc. exclusive distributor of Eau Thermale Avène products in the Philippines. “But with our new Avène Cleanance EXPERT product, people with acne-prone skin can finally have the confidence to face people.”

The new Cleanance EXPERT is especially made for acne-prone skin, eliminating mild to moderate blemishes. This acne treatment solution also hydrates and mattifies the skin minimizing shine. And because it is safe for use by people with sensitive skin makes Avene a trusted brand by doctors and pharmacists.

Furthermore, Eau Thermale Avène’s Cleanance EXPERT is specifically formulated using three active ingredients: Diolényl which limits the risk of bacterial proliferation, reduces redness and helps eliminate spots; X-Pressin which reduces blackheads and smoothens the skin’s texture; and Monolaurin which regulates the hyperproduction of sebum to create a matte finish.

Cleanance EXPERT also offers excellent cosmetic qualities. It’s oil-free light emulsion is very easy to apply. Quickly absorbed, it leaves the skin feeling hydrated and mattified. It makes a good make-up base. Rich in ATSW known for its soothing and anti-irritating properties, it will perfectly respect the balance of your skin.

“The Thermal Spring Water was captured directly from a spring in Avène in France ensuring that the soft, soothing and healing water is never exposed to sunlight and air until the time it is released from the bottle,” saidFrederic Charles, ASEAN Manager from Pierre Fabre Dermo Cosmetique. “Using the Thermal Spring Water as its primary ingredient across all its products catalogue helped in developing products that provide optimum skin care to people who have even serious skin conditions.”

Eau Thermale Avène is a trusted brand in skin care as it soothes, softens and restores the skin’s natural balance. In fact, more than 300 stringent biological, pharmacological and clinical studies have been conducted on the Thermal Spring Water to prove its healing properties.

This core ingredient has been used for centuries at the Avène Hydrotherapy Center to address even the most severe dermatological conditions like atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, ichthyosis and burns.

The new Avène Cleanance EXPERT comes as an additional component of the whole Cleanance skincare line which includes its flagship Cleansing Gel and Mattifying Toner.

To find out more about Eau Thermale Avène’s wide-range of high-quality products, visit the booth at the ground floor of SM Department Store Makati on October 24-29 2015. Activities such as free derma consultation, product discounts, raffle prizes, photobooth activities are in store for those who will visit the booth.

Eau Thermale Avène is available in selected Watsons and Mercury Drug stores. For more details, please visit Eau Thermale Avène’s Facebook Page.

The cleanance experts srp is Php 985.00 until December of this year. The original price Php 1, 230.00"

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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Be Fabulously Fit with Nestlé Fitnesse

Maintaining a healthy and fit body could be a challenge, especially to women who just gave birth. Pregnancy causes a lot of changes to a woman’s body. Some are just temporary but some no matter how unwanted stays, thus putting their self confidence inside the box and I am no exception. I'm a mom of 3 kids with my youngest whom i gave birth 2 years ago. I actually waited for at least a year when my baby has finally established her eating pattern and not just solely depending on my liquid gold. Yes, I breastfed my baby which made me gain more weight because I have to eat healthy including more calories since I am eating for the 2 of us. (excuses excuses haha)

Couldn't find photos of me back then. I guess I used to hate the camera. Haha!
After quite a long hiatus, I finally decided to fulfill my goal of staying fit. But the question is a big HOW?! I don’t like the idea of having to starve myself because I love to eat, nor enrolling in to a gym as I really don’t have the time. It was indeed challenging, but I have to get going. I began with some basic exercises at home but the problem is I have to modify my diet and that’s when I discovered Nestlé Fitnesse.

Nestlé Fitnesse breakfast cereals are made of whole grain, which makes it a healthy choice. Whole grains are unrefined grains that contains all the 3 edible parts- the bran, the germ, and the endosperm providing more protein, more fiber and many important vitamins and minerals. Studies show that eating whole grain foods helps you to maintain your waistline over time, making it a girl's best friend, my best friend for quite a while now. :)

I used to skip breakfast thinking it will help me lose weight but I noticed that skipping breakfast makes me reach for unhealthy snacks around mid morning. Not good right? So I quit skipping breakfast and started filling my bowl with Nestlé Fitnesse cereals, Nestle non-fat milk and some fruits. With many delicious varieties to choose from, breakfast has never been this healthy and delicious!

 I realized that I really don't have to deprive myself with the things I love. All it takes is a balanced diet including Nestlé Fitnesse, active lifestyle, a right mind set and most importantly is to make sure that I'm having fun! Maintaining a healthy and fit body isn't that hard after all. 

I've always been in love with swimming it's one of my favorite sports. Now I can be fabulous while swimming because I can fit to my swim wears already. I can't wait for more beach moments as now I'm bikini ready!

Staying fit should come from within and it will naturally radiate on the outside. Now I can confidently say that I'm a mom of 3 yet I still feel and look Fabulously fit! The title "Mom" is not an excuse for you to neglect your body. Make it as your  motivation to take care of yourself because if you're healthy, you could take more care of your family.

"Do something that your future self will thank you for" - Unknown

To know more about the Nestlé Fitnesse 14 day program for a more fabulous you, visit or check them out on Facebook: Nestlé Fitnesse for more information.

What's your fitness story? Would love to hear them :) 

~Mommy Poreber