Friday, June 26, 2020

Teaching kids self care and oral hygiene skills

As parents, it is our responsibility to take care of our children. Not only making sure their needs are met, but also being confident that they fend for themselves when the situation calls for it. That is why teaching our kids basic, and age-appropriate life skills is a must. And, self-care and hygiene skills are the topmost basic life skills we should be teaching our children. These are everyday habits and lifelong skills that will not only make them look nice but will help them become healthy overall. 

Some basic self care skill and hygiene practices we can teach our kids are:

1. Handwashing saves lives! It is very crucial especially in this time of coronavirus. Teach them to wash hands for 20 seconds, especially before and after eating, after using the toilet, and after playing and when necessary. When soap and water are not available, they can use alcohol or hand sanitizers.

2. Toileting. After potty training our children, we should then teach them how to clean up. Teach them to wipe down with tissue paper or wash with water every after toilet use.

3. Bathing. They should be able to thoroughly cleanse their body every bath. 

4. Dressing up. Not only after bath but also after getting dirty.

5. Toothbrushing or oral hygiene skillswhich is our focus, in this post. 

A healthy smile begins with great oral hygiene and is crucial in one's overall health. That is why we must teach our children the importance of oral care. Like any other hygiene skills, toothbrushing is challenging. Good thing, there are brands like Colgate that we can trust. Colgate is a Number 1 Oral Care Brand that produces safe and effective products for the whole family. 

So how and when should we start oral hygiene? 

Start them young!

0-12 months

You can start oral hygiene while they are still babies, even before their first tooth pops out. You read that right, oral hygiene doesn't only refer to teeth, you also have to care for the gums, and their tongue. Babies tongue collects bacteria from their food and milk intake, so it is important to clean their mouth at least once a day. You can use a clean gauze for this or use Colgate Baby Toothbrush especially when they are already teething.

- BPA Free and made out of 100% Food-Grade Silicone 
- Soft, gentle bristles that help ease the pain of teething 
- A toothbrush "feels" that introduces babies to the brushing experience 

0-2 years old 

When they turn 1 or when their first tooth pops out, you can already let them use a toothbrush and a smear of toothpaste. 

Colgate Kids Free Toothpaste is for 0-2 years old. It gently cleanses tiny mouths, teeth, and gums so you and baby are on track to building great brushing habits together. It is fluoride-free so it's safe even if swallowed.

3-5 years old

At this age, children can already brush their teeth on their own. Make sure they use only a pea-sized amount of toothpaste.

Colgate Kids Free Toothpaste is appropriate for 3-5 years old. It protects against cavities and strengthens the softer enamel of little teeth and has an age-appropriate fluoride level.

Colgate's baby and kids toothpaste have:
 -  0% artificial flavors, preservatives, sweeteners, & colors
 - baby and kid-Friendly natural flavor 

You can buy Colgate products in Shopee.

Make sure your kids brush their teeth for at least 2 minutes,  two times a day. Also, supervise them especially during the first few tries to ensure they spit out after tooth brushing to minimize swallowing.

Teaching kids self-care and oral hygiene skills, take patience, consistency, and a lot of techniques. But one of the best way is achieved by example. Children see children do. So make sure you set a good example for them. It can even be a fun family activity and as years go by, the whole family can grow up smiling together.

It's a tedious task but it is worth it.


  1. Galing naman at may Colgate na din for kids.๐Ÿ˜ Colgate user po ako at pati ang aking mga anak.๐Ÿ’™ Kids self care and oral hygiene skills is a must talaga.๐Ÿ’™

  2. Geneve Camille CrudoAugust 20, 2020 at 4:19 PM

    Super agree!!! We should teach our kids self-care also especially now that they are still young. Teeth should be always clean. Thanks to COLGATE! We can worry less about their teeth being clean and healthy. Thanks for sharing Ma'am Pearl! ๐Ÿงก