Sunday, June 14, 2020

Work From Home Guides

No work no pay, no public transportation, stress, and earning money but at the risk of catching coronavirus. These are the daily struggles being experienced by a lot of workers amidst the pandemic.

It might be time to reconsider work from home options when going to the office to work is more of a challenge than the actual work itself. There's a lot of what, where, and how when it comes to finding a work from home job and a lot more questions pop up as you eventually decide to pursue this path.

Work From Home means that an employee or freelancer is working from their house, apartment, or even on coffee houses rather than working from the office. Those who WFH often have their own small office set up in their home but not limited to it. The designated area of work can be in your bedroom, living room, or even in your kitchen as long as you still get to focus and do your job.

Money - Not many questions to ask when money is a sign to do something. What's stopping you from working from home if you can basically get the same amount or possibly more than what you get by working in an office?

Time - A lot of employees that work in an office tend to spend most of their time outside than in their home and it's not because they want to but because they have to spend a lot of time getting ready and commuting to work. You end up neglecting other responsibilities that you can only do when you're at home.

Change of Environment - When there are too many dramas and politics in the office but you simply just want to work, earn money, and be happy. Save yourself from unnecessary negativity when you can just sit comfortably in your home while working on your computer.

Year after year the demand for Home-based workers or Freelancers grows. This has been the case especially with millennials who would prefer to work from home rather than in an office.

Become a Virtual Assistant - You can earn up to $600-700 per month or even higher depending on your experience. The range for those without the experience of working from home falls around that salary range and if you can imagine it's already more than what someone without work experience can get in an office type of job. Tasks vary from booking flights, ordering food, working on Microsoft Office documents and many more depending on what your client needs help with.

Teach English to Earn Money From Your Home - A lot of companies could be your stepping stone to get experience in teaching English online but for those with experience you can get up to $15-18 per direct student, per hour. You might be worried about how you can teach Chinese or Korean students or anyone wanting to learn English if you can't speak their language right? The secret is you don't because you'll be solely talking to them in English unless you want to do some idle chit chat with your student.

Data Entry Home Based Jobs - The job title might sound basic but the salary can be just as competitive than other work from home jobs. It will depend still on what kind of task you'll be doing, your experience, and your client. It's not impossible to land a job with a $4 - $5 dollars per hour rate or even higher.

Where to find work from home jobs? This is the next question when you finally decide to explore the option of earning money from home and wanting a change of career environment.

Freelancing Sites: GoLance and Upwork - Look for various online jobs like email management, website designer, admin tasks, order entry, virtual assistant, and a lot more!

Hiring Virtual Assistant: MyOutdesk and PineappleStaffing - Opportunities for Appointment Setter, Virtual Assistant, Social Media Management, and Various Admin Tasks.

Job Portals: Jobstreet PH and Monster PH - You'll have to search and use some filters but these Job Portals also have home-based job opportunities.

In these trying times, most can only dream of working from home not knowing that there are a lot of opportunities available as long as you're willing to look and work for it. Read more about working from home here.

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