Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Tips to Ensure Kids Stay Cool!

There are plenty of places in this world where the summer heat and humidity can get a little uncomfortable, the Philippines being one of them. But as adults we know to go get a cold drink, take a shower, or even rest for a while. Unfortunately, kids don't always know what to do when the temperature rises. That is why you have to guide them and put things in place that will help. So to ensure you kids stay cool, no matter what the weather, read on for some advice. 

Cold drinks

The easiest way to keep the kids as cool as possible it to always ensure you have plenty of cold drinks to hand. This means keeping the fridge stocked at home as well as having some available when you are an out and about. 

Obviously, at home, it's easy to put some water or juice into the fridge to get cold, but when you are on the move, it can be more difficult. That is why it can be helpful to invest in cooling bottle, or a mini cool bag to keep the drinks’ temperature as low as possible. Making them nice and refreshing for your little ones. 

Frozen snacks

Similar to cold drinks, why not keep some frozen snacks to hand at home as well? You can purchase freeze at home light kits, or ice cream from the supermarket. Or you can make your own really easily with molds like these

You can even make sure that they are super healthy snacks for the holidays, by using smoothie mix instead of sugary juices. Or even freezing a banana for a nutritious and cooling snack. 

Air con 

Something that as a parent you can do for your little ones is provide things in the home to keep them cool. These can include stationary fans, cooling fans, and air conditioning units. 

Stationary fans are successful because they can be moved around to where they are needed. So if it's a particularly warm night, you can have them in the bedroom. 

Ceiling fans are great too because they are always there and can be activated quickly to stop the temperature from rising too much, keeping the kids more comfortable. 

However, air con units are known to be the most effective at keeping the temperature inside your home down. But as they aren’t as cheap as the other options, it’s best to research what you are buying beforehand. You can do this by reading things like these Sensei reviews to get an idea of their features and benefits. 


Lastly, something that can be pretty tough is when your kids can't off of to sleep because they are too hot. They get cranky, and your alone time gets s interrupted too. Something that is never good. 

So to combat this pay attention to the bedding that you give them. Duvets should be avoided in very hot weather, and replace with cotton sheets.

If that still not enough to get them to go to sleep, then why not pop the sheets in a bag, in the freezer for 20 mins before bedtime? As then they will be deliciously cold for when it's time to go to sleep. 

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