Friday, June 23, 2017

Doing Away With Digestive Problems

The likes of constipation and diarrhea affect us all. Such digestive problems can disrupt our day to day life either by causing pain or discomfort or keeping us glued to the toilet seat. Fortunately, there are many remedies to get your gut back in good shape. Here are a few methods to try out next time your bowels decide to bother you.

Eat the right foods

Various foods can make a digestive problem even worse. Spicy foods, alcohol and caffeine should ideally be avoided. Foods high in fat are also more difficult to digest and the extra stress on your gut could make any condition worse. Try to eat lean meats and avoid processed foods. Lots of fibre is good for clearing out your system. Try cereals, nuts, vegetables and fruit. Yoghurts and kefir meanwhile contain probiotics which allow you to produce more healthy enzymes and bacteria essential for breaking down food.

Check for food intolerances

Occasionally a case of the runs or a bout of constipation could be due to a food intolerance. Common intolerances include dairy and wheat. Make a record of every time your digestive system is playing up and trace back the meals that you’ve had in the last few hours.

Try herbal remedies

There are plenty of herbal remedies out there that can aid your gut. Herbal teas such as peppermint, chamomile and ginger tea are all very good for your stomach. Ginger in particular is good for stomach cramps, diarrhea and even queasiness – it’s often recommended to pregnant women with morning sickness.

Try medicines

You don’t have to go to the doctor to get prescribed a medicine. There are plenty of over the counter meds that could help return bowel movement to normal. There are even off the shelf medicines for IBS relief. Make sure to read side effects and be careful taking these medicines with other pills and prescriptions.

Get exercising

Exercise often works out parts of your body you never realized. Being active stimulates your digestive system to also be active and break down food quicker. This is ideal for those suffering with constipation. Going for a run however can also benefit those with the runs. Whilst you may need to make several stops along the way, a swift jog can boost your immune system. As many forms of diarrhea are triggered by viruses and bacteria, a good immune system is important for fighting off these viruses and bad germs quicker.

Sleep it off

On the opposite side of the spectrum to being active, sleeping is also very good for curing a dodgy digestive system. When asleep, our bodies focus more attention to functions such as digestion as well as healing as less energy is being used for our muscles and joints and other waking functions. Sleep is also good for settling stress which itself can cause our digestive system to play up. A lack of sleep may make us more stressed and agitate an upset stomach even more so. 

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