Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Project New Home: Which Room Do You Renovate First?

So you’ve just got yourself a new home, and you’re excited to move in and start decorating? Whether it’s the first house you’ve ever had to yourself, or you’re finally starting a fixer-upper style project, your mind could be racing with ideas and inspirations. When you move house, there are definitely some stressful aspects, but the idea of putting your own stamp on the aesthetics always makes that feel a bit better. However, you’re still faced with a difficult decision to make. When you’re trying to put your new home together, which room should you start to renovate first?

Option 1: The Kitchen

For most new homeowners, a kitchen remodel is usually quite high up on their list of to-dos. Not only do you want to have a working kitchen so that you can cook meals and store your food, but it's also always a room that you can have a lot of fun designing. So, this could be the room that you want to get to work on first.

Option 2: The Bathroom

Closely following the kitchen on a homebuyer's prioritize list is always the bathroom(s). Not only do you want to be able to wash and clean yourself, but it’s also nice to know that you’re doing so in a fresh new suite. So, this could be another contender for your first room. If you only have one bathroom, you might have to plan the timing of this so that you can still use the facilities.

Option 3: The Living Room

However, sometimes, you just want to have a finish communal living space that you can relax and unwind in. If that sounds more important to you, you might want to get to work on your living room first. Plus, if all you need to do is strip and redo the floors and walls, it might be an easy task to tackle.

Option 4: Extend

Then there’s always the option to start with a big job first. If you know that you want to extend your property to improve some of the rooms sizes or get extra space, you’re sometimes best off doing this before anything else. Then, you’ve got a blank canvas to start decorating. However, it can also depend on your budget.

Option 5: Convert

Extending a property can be a big job. It can also be expensive. But, if you feel like you need more space in your new home, you can still get that by thinking about converting first. If you have a loft, basement, or garage space that is best used as a living space, starting to convert some of these spaces might be the best first job to start off with.

Option 6: The Bedrooms

And finally, if you’re worried about having somewhere to rest your head at night, away from all of the renovation work, you may want to think about starting with the bedrooms. Sometimes, they can be easy rooms to work on and give you a sanctuary to escape from when you need it most.

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