Friday, June 16, 2017

How to Cope Up when there's Injury In Your Family?

It’s difficult coping with an injury in your family unit. You work to keep things happy and harmonious; then an accident shatters your efforts. It’s horrible no matter who the injured party is. From a parenting perspective, though, having an injured partner is a nightmare. You and your man support a family between you. The burden feels less because it’s shared. But, when one of you is out of action, things get tougher. Instead of going into panic mode, we’re going to look at a few things you can do to be there for your man. 


When injuries happen, it’s tempting to keep your kids out of the loop. If they’re too young to understand, that’s the best way to go. You wouldn’t want to confuse them or let them know the extent of an injury. But, if they’re old enough to understand, it’s worth getting them involved. For one, keeping secrets could cause divides. That’s something you could do without right now! For another, keeping things quiet means you take all the responsibility on yourself. It doesn’t make sense to do that when you don’t have to. Children are more pragmatic than we think. As such, they may provide you with more strength than you’re expecting. They’ll also want to help, and you should take them up on their offer. Now is also a good time to call on other family members. Ask parents or siblings whether they’ll have the kids during hospital visits etc. 


To make life easier for your partner, stock up on some equipment to help them move around with their injury. Of course, what you need depends on the injury. If it’s something short term, like a broken leg, stock up on crutches and other walking aids. You may also want to get removable handles to help them in and out of the shower and so on. These are cheap and well worth getting. If the injury is an ongoing problem, you may have to spend a little more. Even so, it’s worth the expense. If your partner is suffering from something like long term back pain, it’s worth buying mattresses to ease the pain like the ones found here. You may also want to invest in a high-quality wheelchair which offers them comfort should they need it. Recliner chairs are a good idea, too. 


One of the hardest things to cope with when one of you is injured is the added financial burden. In an ideal world, it wouldn’t have to be a consideration. But, it would be naive to think that the loss of half your earnings won’t be a problem. If your partner is worried about money, their recovery may suffer. They may even force themselves back before they’re ready and do more damage. That’s why it’s important you’re prepared to support them. Pick up extra work if you can. You could even turn back to your family for added financial support. 

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