Monday, January 6, 2014

Why I Want a Cyberya Minigosyo

BOOM! It’s now 2014 as you might have noticed. Let’s all get in with the new and out with old. Well… you might ask, what’s something new can we try this year? Actually let me ask you, do you like making money? I’m sure you do! So read on. 

Introducing the “PLDT’s Cyberya Minigosyo” which has been continuously booming since last year.  My husband’s family used to have a computer shop for more than 4 years but due to management issues on who’s going to attend to customers, the business slowly ceased to operate. This is why I want to start a new Mini Business like what we call “Piso Net” Perfect business for busy people since it needs minimum to zero need for maintenance.

Benefits and Advantages:


A customer can access the internet for as low as 1 peso! Perfect for people that wants to just grab a quick glance on their Facebook or Email account and Kids with limited budget.

Maintenance and Administration 

It’s more of like a self service business. At first the computer will be in lock mode. Customers just need to insert a 1 peso coin and that’s it! Instant access on a computer to do all the fun things they can on the internet for 3 minutes. It has a timer of its own so absolutely no need to watch over the person using the internet with the worry of overusing the computer beyond the time he/she paid for.


The most important part for all of us obviously. Almost everyone uses the computer either offline or online. To see is to believe if you go to either a computer shop or a PLDT Cyberya computer stall you’ll see that even age wouldn’t matter. Young or young at heart uses computers for their personal needs. It’s a guarantee that you’ll always have customers especially with the affordability of the service.  

So don’t be left out this year! Apply in an easy process, Pay necessary fees and for the computer, Get the package and wait as the Cyberya Minigosyo works it’s magic!

For more details like the cost and details of the computer please visit this link below. You can also find cool info on how to apply and how fast you’ll be able to get back your investment. 
I hope you enjoyed reading and hoping to see lots and lots of people getting rich one by one.

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