Wednesday, January 8, 2014

We Choose Chacho’s

Buh bye 2013 and Hello 2014! Another year has ended and many new things are coming. Just like this new Chacho's Tortilla Chips that I came across in Facebook. Most probably it’s also your first time reading about this product. I’m an explorer myself and I love to try out anything that’s new. I made sure to include this in my grocery list before dropping by at Robinson’s Supermarket.

It’s comes with 3 flavors to choose from:

BBQ Bonanza

One of the least flavors I get is BBQ but for some reason I can’t help but to join in when my friends was also munching on it. It has a unique taste that’s just right for my taste bud.

Spicy Curry

Did I mention before that I love curry? I never knew I’ll be able to enjoy it in Chips style as well! The spiciness is just right for us to enjoy it nonstop. Good thing the ones we bought was in a promo. We got free coke to push down all the goodness J

and Cheesy Cheese.

My all time favorite for chips has always been the cheese flavor and Chacho’s didn’t fail my expectations! The cheese part was just too awesome that licking the cheese on our fingers became a must do, instead of washing it away with water.

Here’s some kulitan and bonding moments with my Barkada with Chacho’s Tortilla Chips

I hope you enjoyed reading and hoping we can all try something new this 2014!

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