Sunday, January 12, 2014

Get active and fit with VIT

I’m sure having a fit and active lifestyle is included in your new year’s resolution this year as well as spending more quality time with your family. I’m a fan of natural ways to achieve a healthy body but for an extra boost I came across this new craze in town called VitWater.

My favorite is VitWater Power Apple flavor that have Taurine, Ginseng and B Vitamins which are essential for that power boost you need if you decide to travel with your friends and family. Getting that perfect body doesn’t have to be always hard, sometimes you can enjoy it with a taste of apple on the side J

Here’s some pictures from our first travel destination for 2014.

 Some spots we enjoyed while waiting for our orders

Must try foodies if ever you drop by at the People’s park at the sky.  My favorite is the hot bulalo. Perfect for the breezy weather at tagaytay.

Relaxing and fun moments with my family. Just another 2014 new year’s resolution I’d like to continue doing.

Another favorite of mine is the VitWater TRIM that has L-Carnitine.  As a stay at home mom finding time to exercise to have my pre pregnant body can be quite difficult. That’s why whenever given the chance I make sure to drop by at any near gym to burn some unwanted fats. The perfect thing is that VitWater TRIM also has B vitamins that helps in the metabolism and energy production so I’m always on the go with these fun activities.

Time to move that body baby!

At the end of the day I found some extra time to chill out with my girl friends and baby boy. Had a nice chat by the pool and a quick picnic. No more Stress, Fats and Boredom because I can Vit this with VITWATER.

I hope you all get to fulfill as well your New Year's Resolutions. :)

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