Friday, October 18, 2013

My Natal Day

Another year added, another year to cherish and to be thankful for. Sometimes I forget just how lucky I am.. No, lucky isn't the right word. I am blessed. I'm very happy to be blessed with awesome people in my life. Life is good and God is great!

Yesterday I turned 25, and my Facebook wall was flooded with lots of Birthday wishes from families, friends and online friends even some of them I don't know and haven't met personally which is overwhelming. Birthday wishes started coming as soon as the clock struck 12mn and I was still awake at that time. In fact I already slept past 3 then woke up around 5am when Jaear arrived home from work.

Jaear didn't sleep right away so I took advantage of it and slept some more while he looked after the kids. I overslept and woke up 12nn already, still feeling sleepy and exhausted but cooked something easy for lunch. But J fell fast asleep so it was just me and the kids who ate lunch. He woke up later that afternoon then immediately prepared and left for work. So we didn't get the chance to celebrate my birthday, it felt just like an ordinary day except that I am getting lots of birthday wishes.

But before J left for work, I planned on cooking spaghetti so he could eat before leaving but he's already in a hurry. Then my in laws called and told me not to cook anymore as they will be taking home some foods.

My in laws took home some Pancit, which I really missed,
and a whole lechon manok/roasted chicken.

A Chocolate dedication cake and Leche Flan rolled cake from Red Ribbon

Incomplete, wish you were here.

After singing "Happy Birthday" blowing of the candle!
No one is too old for this :)

Ayan nauna na si Athena takaw :)

Just when I thought my day would end up like any other ordinary day, it turned out to be a special one. Thanks to my in laws who made it possible, indeed I have lots of amazing people in my life. Just too bad Jaear's not around to celebrate with us and also times like this I miss home, my family back in the province whom I used to celebrate with. Actually my parents did celebrate my birthday too, my mom also cooked pancit for me, thoughtful no?

Even though my birthday isn't a grand celebration, in fact it was just very simple what's important is that for me it's special, though I'm not with some of the important people in my life physically I'm already thankful that they took some time to wish me the best on my special day and for making me feel that they are just there for me, even just virtually.

I feel blessed!

I almost forgot about this. Here's what Jaear got for me, he knows me so well!
And Yes, I intentionally did not remove the price tag, where else can you buy chocolate during dawn? 7-11!
Simple things make me happy, as long as it's done from the heart. ♥

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