Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Pregnancy Update: 32, 33 and 34 Weeks

I can't believe it, I'm already on my 34th week of pregnancy, 6 more weeks or less I will be having our third bundle of joy! I posted an update during my 31st week however this past weeks had been busy that's why I wan't able to post any blog entry. Also my baby girl is kind of having an issue whenever I'm in front of the computer (papansin hehe) which I find sweet.

So during this weeks, my unborn baby is continuously developing her organs. She now has fingernails, toenails and hair. Her central nervous system is maturing and her lungs are continuing to mature as well. At this point a baby can already be delivered, although preterm as long as they don't have any health problems they will be fine but may need a short stay on the neonatal care.

By the way, after my prenatal check up last September 13 I was supposed to go back on the 27th but I wan't able to go that day. I had it postponed for a week due to time conflict. Jaear just started out with his new job and had a lot of things to accomplish that week. So I was able to visit my OB last last week October 4. I had my shot of Tetanus Toxoid and my OB checked on my unborn baby.

The heart beat was normal, but still my baby hasn't turned to Cephalic presentation which is ideal for a normal delivery. So it's still hard to determine the gender. My OB also gave me a heads up that if my baby wont turn before my expected delivery, I might undergo a Cesarean Section.

I had my 2 kids via normal delivery so as much as possible I would want this to be that way for the following reasons:
Shorter hospital stay
Quicker recovery time
I can breastfeed immediately
Decreased risk of maternal hemorrhage, blood clots, and damage to internal organs.
Decrease risk of illnesses for my baby.
Less expensive.

As a nurse I do have knowledge about this and I also made some researches already. Both have their Pro's and Con's but I still prefer to give birth the natural way.

My next visit to my OB is on the 18th right after my birthday. We will be repeating the ultrasound once more to check my unborn baby's position, hopefully by that time he/she's already on Cephalic.But based on my readings, at this point my baby doesn't have enough room to maneuver inside my womb because his bigger now. But I'm still putting my hope up,well I am also eager to know the gender, I really haven't picked out a baby name yet haha!

Can you suggest any good names for both boy and girl? I'm open for any suggestions :)

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