Friday, October 18, 2013

Sunday Funday + Mom in Laws Birthday

Here's another long overdue post. Just a quick post about some happenings 2 weeks ago, my mother in laws birthday celebration.

October 6, first Sunday of the month and my mom in laws birthday. We decided to have her birthday lunch at Yakimix SM Mall of Asia branch. But again we left home late, so when we arrived at Yakimix around 1pm there was a very long queue already. There were 16 people on the list which made us on the 17th spot, so that's a long wait. Their lunch buffet closes at 2:15pm, considering the long queue, the time, and that we are all so hungry we decided to eat somewhere else. 

We decided to have seafood so we drove straight to Seaside Macapagal or Dampa, they have "Paluto" wherein you get to to buy fresh seafood from the market and have it cooked at any restaurant of your choice. My in laws chose to have our "Paluto" at Yatai Ramen, they've been here before already as for me it's my first time. I've been to Dampa 2 times before but to different restaurants. As soon as we arrived we were seated right away, since it's already past lunch time the place isn't that crowded. 
While waiting for our food...

 It aint complete without photos taken.

 Baby Athena checking on the Menu :)

 My in laws, happy birthday Ma!

Sis in law with cousin Rizza

It took a while before the food was served, which made us even more hungry.But of course again, we wont miss taking a good shot of the foods before eating 'em!

 We had 2 plates of this savory Garlic shrimp

 Garlic Rice

 Snapper in Sour broth or Sinigang na Maya maya


 Baked Mussel/Tahong

 They had, Pineapple, Green and Ripe Mango Shake

While I chose Coconut Shake :)

I really thought I'd eat a lot since I was very hungry, I even ordered an extra serving of rice but didn't finish it. We even had some left overs which we took home. (I'll be making a separate review post about our dining experience at Yatai Ramen.)

After eating, we went straight to SM City Manila to avail the 3,000 voucher I won from Mendrez Shoes and Bags Facebook Giveaway. I decided to use it to buy a gift for my mother in law, and we are just right on time because they were having a Sale so instead of just 1, I was still able to buy for myself. 

 My mom in law chose this bag because it matches her uniform.


These 2 bags are originally priced at 1,999 each but with the 20% discount we only got it for 1,599.20. So it's 9,198.40 in total but we only paid P198.40 for the 2 bags since we used the 3,000 voucher.

(After shopping )Although i'm full, still got some room for Dairy Queen's Blizzrd :)

Afterwards, we drove back to Las Pinas but Jaear and  I went straight to SM Center Las Pinas. Because a day before Sunday, I got lucky once more for winning 1,000 Shopping Gift Certificate from SM which I can only claim unitl Sunday and we used it right away since we are already running out of stash and pay day is still a week after. 

Here's what we got for 1,000 GC

At home my mom in laws birthday cake which was bought by my sister in law awaits us. In fact it's the only thing I had for dinner, because I' still full from what we had for lunch.
 Blueberry Torte.

So that's it, a fun Sunday it is with family. I also feel blessed that I am able to share with others my winnings from being an online contest fanatic. Being a full time mom who doesn't have a source of income somehow I am still able to contribute, even in small ways. Imagine aside from getting free stuff for me, I am able to share it to others. Isn't it cool? 

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