Monday, November 4, 2013

Hubby's Birthday!

I can't believe that October is already over and looking on my blog, I am not happy at all. I wasn't active with blogging lately which left me with only 3 posts for the whole month of October, when I know there's a lot that should have been posted. I have a lot of catching up to do, so moving on here's another long overdue post. I'm starting off with Hubby's birthday celebration.

October is my birth month, so is my mom in law and hubby's. Birthday is a special occasion celebrated by all, it's a celebration of life and to be thankful for everything. October 21st was Hubby's birthday it falls on a Monday so we celebrated it a day in advance together with my in laws. 

We decided to eat out, a lunch buffet at Yakimix. We already anticipated a long queue in SM Mall of Asia so we went straight to Yakimix Macapagal. It was definitely a good idea because as soon as we arrived we were able to find a good spot and was seated right away. 
And the rest was history :)

 My first plate

 My Salad Plate


 Caught in the act hehe, my in laws busy eating

There will always be a family shot :)



With the first plate I already felt a bit full but was still able to have another serving of rice, I also had sushi which I wasn't able to take photos of, in fact I was only able to take a few shots.

Yakimix has an ongoing promotion, wherein a birthday celebrant gets to eat for free all you have to do is to present a valid ID that includes your birth date. But since we just celebrated it a day in advance we weren't able to avail of it but instead took advantage of a "Happy Birthday" jingle from the staff, good thing I was able to record it. 

Not so good looking shot from my father in law, who was the only one
 left on the table with us right that moment. tee hee!

We all had a happy tummy, I already forgot weather we still had dinner or not lol.
The next day, October 21st Hubby's official birthday I prepared something special for him before he left for work. Lunch time I left the house for my prenatal check up but it was pushed to a different date since my OB had an emergency operation to perform. So I went straight to SM Center Las Pinas and bought some ingredients for my pasta, and went to a nearby Starbucks.

 Using my Starbucks Card I was able to purchase 2 Venti sized Frap
and a complimentary slice of blueberry cheesecake since it's my birth month.

 I wasn't able to use the Card during my birthday so  just gave the cake to hubby


I cooked Creamy Tuna Pasta. (Pls excuse me for our messy dining table)

That's it! It was a double celebration of hubby's birthday. Indeed celebrating birthdays has been a traditional thing. Weather it's a grand celebration or just a simple one, what matters is that it is celebrated with the most important people in your life. I am happy how hubby appreciated the simple thing I did on his special day. 
How about you, how do you celebrate special occasions like Birthday? Or what special thing have you done for someone special? Feel free to share :)

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