Saturday, October 10, 2015

Top 5 questions in an interview for a call center agent.

Don’t let this happen to you by being prepared and answering correctly.

Fake it, till you make it is the name of the game called Interview. Most of the interviewers will tell you offhand to be as honest as possible because that’s how they will see your capabilities so they can put you on the right nature of business. This, however, is only partially true. It’s pretty much just to also make sure they don’t hire any of them bad apples.

Here are the top 5 questions you might encounter during an interview to be a call center agent:

#5 What are your strengths and weaknesses?

The key to this question is to have at least 3 things ready beforehand. Make sure your strengths are really something that makes you an asset for the company and for weaknesses you have to have a good comeback for each trait you mention. E.g. “I’m Lazy that’s why I use the most efficient way to finish work easily”. 

#4 What kind of account are you looking for?

One of the trick questions by those interviewers trying to catch you off guard. It never hurts to say that you want to be placed in a Sales, Care, Collections, Technical or any other account but if you really want to get a job. Your best pick is to say what you really want but follow it up with “I’m also alright with any other accounts. I’m always willing to learn just in case that the said position is not available”. They’re looking for someone that can be pretty much thrown to any accounts without complaints.

#3 What are your achievements?

When you have some call center background this one is easy. Just tell them any random stats that you’re previous call center values most and say that your one of the best at those but if you’re a fresh graduate, focus on your school achievements such as being part of any school organization even if you never got into one because you were busy playing video games or going to the mall. 

#2 How many times in a year have you been absent/late and what are the possibilities that it can happen again?

What’s the use of hiring someone if that person will not be present when the work needs to be done? I’m sure you understand that this is one the crucial parts of the interview. Try to say something dramatic like “I can only think of a life and death situation to make me go on absent or become late” or you can say something simple and short like “I couldn’t really think of any reason why I would be absent or late” Remember less is better. Less talk, fewer mistakes. Try to make it short and concise.

#1 How much is your expected salary?

It’s what we’ve all been waiting for right? It’s a good idea to be straight to the point here because the interviewer understands that we need money and that’s the main reason why we are applying for a job. In case you get asked if it’s negotiable or not go ahead and say yes. Patiently wait to get to the Job Offer part before you stop. Victory only happens until you hear the Job Offer part of the deal and since you’ve allotted some time already, try to do your best to get at least to that part.

Hope these tips become handy during your interview cause it worked like a charm in mine ^__^ Always be confident and remember “Fake it till you make it”.

~Daddy Poreber 

It’s not complicated: Online Shopping at ZALORA~

I’ve been working in the call center industry for quite some time now and the usual sentence I hear in the floor is “I don’t have time to go shopping”. That’s why business minded agents usually bring brochure or clothing in the office to sell to the busy body agents.  I can’t blame them, night shift takes a bit of toll and most of the time, day becomes sleepy time.

What comes to my mind when I hear the word online shopping? Not that much actually but here are a few after coming across ZALORA:

Is it a legit site?
100% legit as it can get. ZALORA is Asia's leading online fashion destination.

How to find what I need?
It’s easy as 1 2 3. You can type in the search bar for what you’re looking for.
There are also categories for each type of items you can purchase and on the left side you can filter the items per category

Example for Clothing: T-shirts, Polos, Button-Downs and etc..
You’ll also find the Fiter by Size, Price, Brand and Color splendid which makes it absolutely easier to find your best fit may it be for your Budget or Taste!

How do you pay?
Here’s the most sort out question amongst everything else. It’s amazing how the site values security and the worries of shoppers. Just in case you don’t want to use any of your credit card information. You’ll love the fact that CASH ON DELIVERY is available. There’s a 30 day free return policy and anything worth a thousand of purchase is automatically shipped for free.

Like Zalora on Facebook, you might get a chance to win on some of their promo for free shopping. Just enter the promo code and voila!

Tips: If your're a first time shopper use this voucher code ZBAPZm2 and get a 15% discount off your first purchase.

Will it fit me?
This shouldn’t be much of a worry since you can return the item if it’s too big or too small but just to be sure you can always go the help part of the site and click on the “What Size Should I Choose” option. This helps you convert sizes from international, uk, us and so forth.

Delivery TimeFrame?
2-3days within metro manila and 5-7 days outside manila. Base on experience though i got my order the next day i order my items. Nice right?

Here’s what I got for myself, my dad and my father in law ^__^
All in all, my entire first ever experience with online shopping has been incredible thanks to ZALORA and If there’s any down side to it, it's that you can easily get addicted on how fast and convenient it is to shop when you’re tired and just want to lay down in the sofa or bed but want to get in with fashion.

~Daddy Poreber

New Blog Name! Team Poreber!

We're pretty much Hyped for Christmas Already!

It's going to be twice the fun and goodies now that me and my husband decided to just have one blog. We believe this will give us more motivations and connection to each other as we blog about our daily adventures as a family.

A family that believes in Forever about love, parenting, food, fashion, tech, travel and pretty much anything in between!

Watch out guys it's gonna be a fun filled adventure for all of us!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Importance Of Play To The Holistic Health Of Children.

When we hear the word "Play", the word "Fun" follows but there is more than that. It is through play that much of children’s early learning is achieved.

I must admit, I let my kids play with smartphones. But aside from games I mostly install educational applications on my phone, in fact, that's how my eldest learned his Alphabet.

Their toys aren't fancy in fact some of them aren't really toys like empty ice cream container, Jollibee bucket, papers and a lot more. We make the most out of what we have. My eldest who is 5 years old would build a city using this pieces of materials. They also have building blocks, toy cars, story books and crayons.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

#healthishappening: The 21-Day Healthy Habit Challenge

Unilab Foundation is Challenging all Netizens of the Philippines to a 21-Day Healthy Habit Challenge. Because building a healthier Philippines starts with you, as you create small but sustainable changes for holistic well being.

Photo grabbed from UnilaUnilab Foundation's Facebook Page

This is actually a Volunteer Project that aside from helping us become healthy individuals we also get to be rewarded, in this way more will be encouraged to participate.

I volunteered and accepted the challenge not just for myself but especially for my kids, I believe I owe them a healthy living. For that I vow to make health happen by creating healthy habits. As a full time mom it is my duty to introduce and instill healthy habits as early as now while they are still young and be their role model and hope that they carry it as they grow up.Actually, I already started with the challenge since October 7 and so far enjoying it that I decided to also post it here on the blog.

Anyway you too can Join the #healthishappening movement and here is the Full Mechanics:

1) Sign up for an account OR login using your Facebook account at

2) Go to the Volunteer Projects and click "Volunteer" at the #HealthIsHappening Volunteer Project.

3) Like the Unilab Foundation page on Facebook.

4) Create an album on your Facebook account entitled “#healthishappening”. Make sure it’s on public mode so we can check!

5) Think of a healthy habit that you want to create in 21 days! Every day for 21 days, post a photo showing your healthy commitment. Write a caption describing the habit. Remember the hashtags #healthierPH, #healthishappening, #[order of day], and tag Unilab Foundation's official Facebook page.

Example: Drinking lemon water for a #healthierPH! #healthishappening #day3 @Unilab Foundation.

6) Upload the photos to your album so people in your Facebook network know what you’re up to – and give you words of encouragement. You can also "nominate" or tag them so they can also start their own healthy habits!

7) When you've completed your habit for 21 days, post the link to your album on Unilab Foundation Facebook page's wall.

8) Five winners will get special prizes, and one winner will win an iPhone 5s! Winners will be announced on December 1st.

Good luck!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Back To Blogging, Hopefully

After a very long hiatus, here I am back to Blogging once again. You don't have any idea how much I missed doing this! Ever since I can remember I have this passion for writing, though I admit I am not a really good writer. I used to love writing letters to my friends and parents when I was still young, I have my personal journal way back High school and early College years. When Blogging started to surface on the internet I became interested and began micro-blogging on Facebook and Tumblr. But at that time, my studies was my priority so I only Blog once in a while. 

Then I became a full time mom, spending all day long in the house with the kids, watching TV, socializing on my Facebook. But my social media usage cranked up a notch when I began joining online promos, reading different Blogs of known and successful Bloggers. My passion for Blogging was then again reestablished, so June of last year I started with this Blog while I was pregnant with my youngest.Then I stopped after giving birth, because it's not easy blogging with 2 little kids, a baby and without a household helper. Just imagine all the things I have to go through everyday. 

Actually I tried, I had several attempts to Blog but I haven't even finished typing the title something would suddenly come up, so I have to stop. To all who know me well, I love joining online contests and I also stopped for the same reason. But eventually I still find ways to participate in some contests but not blogging. Because in all honesty there are times that I feel like I can't come up with something even though I want to and it's just frustrating. It really is! 

But here I am again, trying to make a comeback and it's all because I once again got inspired by a post of one beautiful Mommy Blogger Topaz Mommy, she's indeed a very honest and excellent Blogger! I like reading here Blog so much!

I Blog not to impress nor to compete my way up to the top with all other Bloggers, I am way far behind them. Like what I always say, I am not a good writer but writing is my passion. I am not very vocal so I tend to write it all down. Being a full time stay at home mom with kids as my companion most of the time, being in a new environment with my parents and friends away from me, and technology as our only means of communication I find Blogging a way for me to express what I feel. This is my own personal space where I can rant and rave about my journey towards motherhood and anything in between. 

Having a huge number of followers is too much for a Novice like me. But having few who would gladly read what I have to share and relate to it would be really awesome. 

Hopefully, I'll be able to find more time to Blog. Dear Lord I ask for your guidance. Amen!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Discover The Beautiful You with Ceraklin by InnoDerm

It's summer and Mr. Sun is doing a pretty good job for that summer feeling that makes you go out and about in the pool or the beach! But too much summer heat is no fun, my dry skin says it all.

Thus saying, being able to encounter Innoderm is definitely Inevitable while I was searching for a quality type of soap for these kind of weather. It's a compelling product in the market by Metopharma which is purposely crafted to serve as solution to skin care problems.

(Front Packaging)

Ceraklin comes in a form of a Body Wash and a Bar soap which can be bought in any Mercury Drugstore.

What made me interested with Ceraklin is the fact that it can be used by me and my kids for that extra care and protection that our skin is looking for. Don't get me wrong, safety first right? that's why before buying I first consulted with my kids Pediatrician and they highly approved it.

(Ceraklin is made from all natural ingredients that helps our skin stay naturally moisturized)

(The soap itself is in transparent form, my son even thought it was an ice.)

We have been using this for more than two weeks now (made sure to do so before blogging about it actually) The first thing that I noticed is that it doesn't have that strong scent that sometimes causes irritation to sensitive smell and for these kinds of moisturizing soap I'm amazed that it doesn't melt that easily. I don't have a hard time rinsing it compared to other products and our skin feels supple in an instant.

My kids had grown fond of it too haven't had any skin irritations or rashes which they usually experience during hot weathers. I also found out that it reduces the appearance of stretch marks which is a plus for me, with continued use I'm beginning to see favorable results. It can only get better the way things are going with CERAKLIN.

(One hot picture while chillin in the cool pool)

For more Product information you could visit their Official Facebook Page Innoderm
You might also be interested to join their current Promo, Huge prizes awaits! Hurry check them out now!