Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Best Shopee Finds: Casual bags for less!

I love bags! But, I prefer handbags or small bags as long as my essentials can fit in - hand sanitiser, wet wipes, tissue paper, lippies, wallet and my phone. Besides, I rarely go out of the house. When I do, it's mostly just to run errands. Lately, though, Jaear and I have been going out more on weekends. So I like to dress up sometimes, and of course, my fit wouldn't be complete without a bag. However, almost all my bags are too big or too small. So I went bag shopping online. 

If you know me, I'm a cheapskate. Hehe. I don't like spending a fortune on stuff, including bags. I don't care if it's not branded as long as it looks good and serves its purpose, then it's all good! I've always been like this, even before I became a mom. 

If you are just like me, I'm sure you'd love these bags I recently bought on Shopee.

This Korean sling bag is just so pretty! It looks small, but it can house all my essentials which is what's important! I got the color brown, so it's bagay with any outfit. Other colors are available too, black, white, silver, wine red, apple green, blue, orange, purple and yellow. The strap can be adjusted

The original price is Php 199, but can you guess how much I got it for? Php78 only!

Get yours here: https://shp.ee/v3dsmcf

My bag in this picture is a bit bigger. It can fit in more stuff, just like the cookie that I bought from the coffee shop. Hehe. It's available in color coffee, khaki, pink, white and black which is what I got. 

And, I got it for Php128 only from its original price of Php299. 

Can you see the sandals I'm wearing? I also bought it from the same shop for Php99 only! It's available in two colors only, black and brown which looks more like pink to me. Hehe.

I also bought this chain bag from the same shop, but I haven't used it yet. It's available in colors white, pink and black. I got the black one. It's only Php85 from Php250.

Photo grabbed from the Shopee Store

The shop has more beautiful Korean bags, sandals, clothes and other stuff, which are all affordable. Their warehouse is just in Bacoor Cavite. So shipping won't take a while. I got mine the next day after placing the order. Yay! I bought a few items to test them first, and since they are pretty good, I am planning on buying more!

Fashion need not be expensive, right? So what are you waiting for, add to cart na and take advantage of 3.3- 3.15 Shopee Consumer Day. Enjoy free shipping with Php0 minimum spend, Php1 deals, and 10% off daily deals!

Happy Shopping!

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