Thursday, March 10, 2022

Cute and Personalized Dog Tags for our furbaby!

Yoru The Toy Poodle just turned one, today! Yoru is the first-ever pet, that I've really owned and taken care of since he was just around 2 months old. I remember having family pet dogs and cats when I was little and we had Covid (my sister in law's Shih Tzu) just last year. But, having your own pet feels completely different. The bond, the attachment, the love. It all feels surreal! It's like having another child.

Yoru was Jaear's gift to me on Mother's Day last year. Early last year, maybe due to the pandemic or whatnot, I just had this longingness for a baby. But, I knew I am not ready for the responsibility of taking care of another life again. Or will I ever be? Hehe. Then Covid came along. We took care of her for months and when she finally went home, I longed to have my own pet. So, that was when Yoru came into our life. And, fast forward to today, he's now 1 year old and has been with us for 10 months. I do have a lot of stories to share, but I will be saving that for another post soon, more than one post actually. :)

As of this writing, I am just letting the time pass because we will be having a small celebration here at home for this 1st birthday! I'll share more about it too! Yay!

For now, I just want to share some of my Best Buys from Shopee this 2022 for Yoru - the cute dog tags and dog collars!
Yoru is a tiny toy poodle, he's really that small, just like a regular size puppy. So I wanted to get him a collar with a bell on it so that whenever he moves, it rings. And, I get to know where to find him. Lol!

Yoru is wearing a red and black plaid bow collar here, it comes with a bell and a circle stainless steel tag. Both are sold separately.

This is what the collar looks like. It's made of fabric and is adjustable from1.0cm - 15-30cm.

Buy one for your pet here:

For the Circle Stainless Steel Tag, you can have it personalized either just 1 side or both. We had Yoru's name and date of birth engraved in front and owner information on the other side.

It's available in color silver only and sizes 35mm, 30mm, 25mm, 20mm.

On this photo, Yoru is wearing a blue collar and a color blue bone nametag which comes with a puppy keyring. We had it personalized as the circle name tag.

This is what it looks like. It is made of aluminium and is available in many other colors!

With the collar and the tag, Yoru can now be easily found and he definitely looks so cute with it!

If your fur babies don't have a collar and a name tag yet, then this is probably your sign to get them one too. Aside from looking cute on it, it is for identification purposes too.

Here's the link to the Shopee Store where I bought them from:

They have more products to choose from! Just a heads up, it's overseas. So it may take a few days. I received my orders 7 days after placing them. Not bad, right?

And today is the best time to shop because it's 3.3-3.15 Shopee Consumer Day, you get to enjoy Free Shipping with 0 minimum spend, Php1 deals 10% off daily!

Happy Shopee-ing!

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