Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Shop RTOPR skin care essentials from Shopee Beauty!

I used to be skinny as a kid until my teenage years. I can eat a lot but not gain weight or get fat. I think it was only when I got pregnant that I gained weight and fats in my body. But, it's a different story now. Besides my age, my lifestyle contribute a lot to the changes in my body. I am very concerned about my tummy, arms, and thighs. I think all the food I'm eating is stored there. Lol! So, I am always browsing for products to help burn the fats around those areas. Until I discovered RtopR on Shopee.

RtopR is a skincare and beauty brand, and they are offering up to 80% off on their Flagship store in Shopee! Check out these items that are in my cart, ready for check out:

Mango Body Cream

This is the product that made me discover RtopR. It's rich in a variety of body emollient herbal extracts,add mango formula, that works together to accelerate the burning of fat, speed up metabolism and lose weight. 

Mango Exfoliating Cream

Gel texture that contains mango essence. Helps soften the cuticle and remove old dead skin. Cleans and penetrates the dirt and greasy inside pores. Increase the luster and permeability of the skin, soothe and repair the muscle surface for smooth and shiny skin. 

Vitamin C Snail Serum

Rich in VC ingredients and snail secretion filtrate. It can provide nutrition to the bottom of the skin. Effectively reduces the degeneration of melanin, enhances the anti-oxidation ability of the skin, improves the skin problems such as dark spots. Whiten and brighten the complexion from the inside out.

Herbal Hair Growth Essential Oil

Rich in a variety of herbal flowers essence oil, promote hair growth, deepen hair follicles, improve hair loss, and repair dry, rough hair problems. Make your hair supple, thick, black, and bright, emitting pleasant flowers. You deserve to have it and beautiful hair condition.

I am excited to get my hands on these products! Interested in trying them out, too? Then head over your Shopee app and start adding it to your cart now. :)

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