Sunday, November 15, 2020

Pedigree SPREADS PAW-SITIVITY on Shopee! Treat your furbabies for a cause

We have a new addition to our growing family! If you've been following me on social media, you've seen me post about our new furbaby- Covid! Yes, she's a puppy, a girl Shih Tzu, and that's her name. Crazy, right? Haha. Actually, Covid is my sister-in-law's furbaby but she is always visiting us especially on weekends so we spend more time with Covid. 

As a kid, we've had lots of pets, from puppies to kittens and it's really fun. I also want my kids to experience having a pet, but we don't have that much space in the condo. So we were so thrilled when my sister in law got Covid. At first, they were just joking about naming her Covid since they got her during the lockdown until Covid got used to it so that's what they named her. Haha!

Such a ray of sunshine!

Since it's the kids' first time having a pet, they were excited and scared at first but eventually grew fond of Covid. They love her and always check on her even through video calls. We treat her not as a pet but as a family member. I call myself a furtita or fur aunt. Haha! 

As a nice furtita, I buy her treats from time to time. So I was happy when I found out that Pedigree was having a storewide sale on Shopee with discounts as high as 35% off and flash sales for as low as Php 1! Awesome, right? But aside from that, you'll be much more amazed to know that the PEDIGREE Store brings "SPREAD PAW-SITIVITY" which means 10% of the total sales accumulated for the day shall be converted as pet food and will be donated to the Animal Kingdom Foundation. 

Look at all the treats we got for Covid. We also got some for her ate Amore. Amore is older than Covid and is the furbaby of Jaear's cousin. Covid didn't get to visit us this weekend because my sister in law was in the hospital. We just sent all these treats to them, and they sent me these photos.

Spreading Paw-someness and Paw-sitivity! 

Now's the best time to treat your furbabies because aside from the great deals you'll get, you are also extending help to the pets of the ANIMAL KINGDOM FOUNDATION shelter, just in time for Christmas. Pedigree's Brand Day Sale is only until today, you still have time to shop. So what are you waiting for? "SPREAD PAW-SITIVITY", and help raise 10,000 food bowls to help make an even brighter Christmas for these fur babies!

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