Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Event Invite | Barbie's Dreamtopia Festival

My 2 girls, Athena and Brianna had a blast last Barbie: You Can Be Anything Day so when I told them that there's going to be another Barbie event they got so excited. Yes you read it right, this time Barbie presents The Dreamtopia Festival which will be held on Oct 1-2, 2016 at the Robinsons Place Manila Activity Area.
Here's how you can score a pass and join in the fun:

1.) Purchase any Dreamtopia merchandise at participating stores from September 1 to October 2, 2016 and present proof of purchase at the Robinsons Place Manila Activity Area on Oct 1-2, 2016.

2) Get an event pass to the Dreamtopia Festival happening on Oct 1-2 at Robinsons Place Manila, where your little girls can enjoy ALL ACTIVITIES of the 4 kingdoms:
  • Create their own magical wands and colorful accessories at the Rainbow Cove.
  • Get their nails done or their face painted with fabulous glittery creations at the Sparkle Mountain.
  • Try their luck and roll the giant candy dice for a chance to take home lots of sweet treats at the Sweetville.
  • Design their own floral headpieces or get your hair styled like a princess at the Endless Hair Kingdom.
3.) Come in their best Barbie Dreamtopia costume (a Barbie Fairy, a Barbie Princess, or anything magical you want to be) for a chance to walk the runway on Oct 2! Open call starts at 2pm.

It's going to be a pinktastic and magical event that our own little barbie girls will surely enjoy. So see you there!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Jeunesse Anion Sanitary Napkins and Liner Advocates PCOS Awareness

PCOS or polycystic ovarian syndrome is an imbalance of the hormones estrogen and progesterone that leads to the forming of tiny, benign masses on the ovaries. This condition is one of the reasons why most women experience irregular periods, infertility, inexplicable weight gain, harsh breakouts, and insomnia. While there’s still no treatment and the cause is still unknown, PCOS is manageable with the help of an OB-Gyn and a licensed dietitian. 

Here in the Philippines, 1 out of 10 Filipina is diagnosed daily with PCOS. And as PCOS Awareness adovocate, Jeunesse Anion Sanitary Napkins and Liner shares some practical tips on how to conquer PCOS:

1. Catch it early. A regular visit to your OB-Gyn will prevent bigger problems. “Follow the old adage prevention is better than cure. “Schedule an annual gynecologic examination with blood sugar test to ensure your hormones are in check”, advises Dr. Faith Suluen.

2. Stay in shape. “Most of the women who are diagnosed with PCOS are usually overweight, but even if you weigh just right doesn’t mean you’re not prone to developing one”, says Dr. Faith Suluen. “However, since records show that there are numerous cases of PCOS on obese women, it’s strongly recommended to live up a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise and balance diet. Quit smoking immediately and stop other vices if there’s any”, adds Dr. Faith.

3. Awareness is the key. “While PCOS is not fatal, 50 percent of women with this condition are likely to develop diabetes or pre-diabetes before they reach 40 years old. Sadly, they’re also more prone to having high blood pressure and heart attack because of high levels of LDL or bad cholesterol on top of greater risk of developing sleep apnea, so lifestyle modification and blood sugar maintenance are a must”, notes Dr. Faith. “Remember to never self-medicate and consult your OB-Gyn for prescription of pills that can regulate your period,” she adds.

4. Your dietitian is your best friend. In addition to your OB-Gyn, the helpful guidance of a licensed dietitian is crucial. “Since weight management and blood glucose control are related to PCOS symptoms, your dietitian will guide you on how to incorporate carbohydrate rich foods but won’t spike blood sugar”, says Philippine-US registered dietitian-nutritionist Cheshire Que. 

5. Love your body. While it’s proven that sanitary napkin and liner are non-contributory to PCOS, it pays to look for a brand that does more than just protection. Since Jeunesse Anion is the only napkin and liner with bacteria and odor-reducing anion strip that’s also helpful in easing menstrual discomforts such as cramps and dysmenorrhea, your monthly period becomes more bearable and tolerable. In addition, it’s meticulously made virgin cotton pulp material, non-toxic glue with breathable top and bottom layers that spell peace of mind at its finest. The best part? No more excuses pushing aside movement and workout during your time of the month, lest you forget!

5 Things That Makes Doña Elena Olive Oil the Perfect Partner for Everyday Cooking

Olive oil ranks number one as the healthiest cooking oil in the world. And, here in the Philippines Doña Elena Olive Oil is consistently the leading and most-preferred olive oil brand over the years.

Proudly homegrown and known for its premium quality of olives directly sourced and harvested from the farms of Andalucia, the olive tree traces back its rich history 3,500 years BC. An abundant fruit in the Mediterranean region, it’s also most-prized for its high levels of naturally occurring antioxidants and vitamins. Here are other interesting reasons on why Doña Elena is the perfect partner for everyday cooking:

1. The purest and most generous blend of olives. Doña Elena Olive Oils are a combination of two types of olives, hojiblanca and picual that makes it hands down a good source of high levels of good fats and antioxidants. Since each bottle contains 80% monounsaturated oleic acids that are good for the health, the powerful olive fruit duo makes every bottle of Doña Elena olive oils a powerful concoction. Much more, since Doña Elena olive oils come from Andalucia region that reigns supreme in olive oil production, consumers are assured of its highest taste and quality.

2. The health attributes and richness of vitamins. With Doña Elena Olive Oil being the only oil to be obtained naturally from a fruit, it enhances the flavor of the food making it more delicious, hence renowned chefs all over the world are known for using olive oil in their dishes. Doña Elena Olive Oil has high levels of antioxidants like polyphenols and oleic acids. It is also rich in vitamins E, K and A that helps lower bad cholesterols and acts as agent to help prevent some cardiovascular diseases.

3. It is the only brand that offers the most comprehensive sizes. Whether you’re a foodie, a chef, or who simply loves to cook, Doña Elena’s Pure, Extra Virgin, and Pomace are conveniently available in 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 L and 5L PET bottle sizes so you have all the options for every need and purpose. What makes the brand even more trustworthy is the fact that it is the number one brand, has a high turn over in supermarkets and groceries, so you are assured that each bottle you buy is exceptionally fresh.

4. It’s not as expensive as you think. Consumers are being intimidated by the stereotype of olive oil being pricey. However, Doña Elena Olive Oils have been with Filipinos for over a decade now, ensuring that consumers get their olive oils without overspending their monthly budget. “If you can afford a daily cup of branded coffee once a week, why not set aside a budget for a bottle of Doña Elena Olive Oil as an investment for your health?” says Fly Ace Corporation Senior Product Manager and Category Head for Oils Zen Prudentino.

5. The versatility of olive oil in cooking. Aside from all the health attributes and benefits mentioned, Doña Elena Olive oil is incredibly versatile and can be used in a number of recipes which make it more perfect for everyday cooking. Just be sure to choose the right variety among the three Doña Elena Olive Oil to make the dish come out at its most flavorful and aromatic taste: Extra Virgin for salad dressing, bread dip, and to drizzle cooked food; Pure Olive Oil for sauté and frying; and Pomace both for frying and deep-frying.

Olive oil does not only provide health benefits but also elevates the taste of any dish to a whole new level. “We wanted to impart to our customers that the taste of a dish doesn’t have to be sacrificed in order for it to be healthy. That’s why we regularly come up with cooking classes to share healthy and delicious meals cooked with Doña Elena olive oils, “ adds Zen.

Ultimately, beyond the beautiful bottle and the logo that depicts the Mediterranean inspiration of Doña Elena, the qualities and benefits of Dona Elena Olive Oil will not fail you and your taste buds in your everyday cooking.

We, at Fly Ace Corporation, are committed to bring the best food and beverages of the world to the Filipinos. We are proud to say that Doña Elena is a 100% Filipino brand sourced from the best and largest olive oil producing country in world, which is Spain. The overwhelming response from the Philippine market consistently places Doňa Elena as the no. one olive oil brand in the country,” concludes Fly Ace Corporation President Jun Cochanco.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Makati to stage Kasuotang Pilipino 2016 on September 23

The city government of Makati through its Museum and Cultural Affairs Office (MCAO) will be staging this year’s Kasuotang Pilipino fashion show on September 23 at 6pm at the Glorietta 2 Activity Center. 

Makati Mayor Abby Binay expressed full support for the said event, which has become an annual event showcasing the creations of local designers to promote Filipino fashion representing the islands of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. 
We fully support the event as it offers an opportunity for the people, especially the youth, to have a better appreciation of Filipino fashion that denotes our rich cultural heritage. At the same time, it serves as a venue for Makati-based fashion designers to share their ingenuity and distinctive style and receive the recognition they deserve,” Binay said.
Meanwhile, MCAO head May Santillana in a statement said that it has become a tradition in the city to stage the event in line with the nationwide celebration of “Linggo ng Kasuotang Pilipino”. 
The staging of Kasuotang Pilipino has become a much-anticipated event in Makati every September. It features the beautiful creations of talented Makati-based designers worn and modeled by city officials, senior citizens, and friends from the international community and the private sector,” Santillana said.

Kasuotang Pilipino 2016 will showcase the creations of 14 designers, all Makati-based. They are Therese Andaya, Albert Andrada, Niño Angeles, Ronaldo Arnaldo, Joel Bautista, Janet Castro, Noel Crisostomo, Frankie de Leon, Luis delos Santos, Albert Figueras, Jinggo Inoncillo, Kaye Morales, Raymund Saul, and Val Taguba. For Luzon, the creations will be modelled by wives of diplomats, namely, Eloisa Klecheski, wife of the deputy chief of mission, United States Embassy; Anjana Hasper, wife of the charge d’affaires, German Embassy; Souddavone Khaykhampithoune, wife of the ambassador, Embassy of Laos; Monthip Upatising, wife of the ambassador, Royal Thai Embassy, Sylvia Tay-Van Remoortele, wife of the ambassador, Royal Belgian Embassy; Dr. Kieu Phung, wife of the ambassador, Royal Danish Embassy; and Wang Qi Jessen, wife of the ambassador, European Union Embassy. 

The other models for Luzon consist of Councilors Virgilio Hilario, Jr. and Concepcion Yabut; Barangay Captains Michael Infante, Fernando Bolo, Restituto Cajes and Martin John Pio Arenas; Joy Gaviola; Dr. Rosario Duque; Dwayne Samarista and Ryan Barcelo. The creations representing Visayas will be modelled by Rose Sibug, Anita Bay, Elizabeth Faculin, Milagros Misa-Gueco, Leilani Canullas, Carmen Hachero, Lourdes Lacson, Zenaida Lumang, Marsha Santos, Ana Montinola, Peachy Sacasas-Alimurong (1981 Bb. Pilipinas International), Simplico Ramon Misa, Ernesto Rodriguez, Ferdinand Quirante, Enrique Villamin, and Pascual Eslava For Mindanao, creations by Ben Farrales will be modelled by Councilor Nemesio Yabut, Jr.; Barangay Captains Benhur Cruz and Jeline Olfato; Kagawads Saira Margarita Nepomuceno and Susannah Patricia Infante; Olive Caray, Geraldine dela Rosa, Dr. Dalisay Brawner, Vissia Marie Aldon, Dr. Amelia Paje, Engr. Reynaldo Paredes, Jimmy Bacamante, and Rolando Medina. 

Kasuotang Pilipino is organized by MCAO, in collaboration with the Liga ng mga Barangay and Ayala Malls. Last year, some 12 Makati-based designers featured their signature styles at Kasuotang Pilipino through traditional costumes in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. In 2000, the first Kasuotang Pilipino Fashion Show was formally staged in Makati City, in line with Proclamation No. 241 that was signed by former president Fidel V. Ramos in 1993 mandating the observance of the “Linggo ng Kasuotang Pilipino” every September.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Fall in Love With Jolly Cow's New Chocolate Milk

I am a self confessed chocoholic. I crave for chocolates especially during my red days as it never fail to make me feel better. Chocolate bars, candies or drinks you name it!

So chocolate lovers like me rejoiced as Jolly Cow introduces its newest chocolate milk that’s made from 100% Pure Cow’s Milk and real cocoa with less sugar. It's the perfect combination of creamylicious and chocolicious goodness of milk and cocoa in one. What’s more, its chocoholic taste is only the beginning, all Jolly Cow milk only comes from “happy cows” that were raised and bred in cow friendly farms in Europe, so you can look forward to enjoying tastier, healthier, and creamylicious milk quality in every pack.
“The introduction of this new variant of Jolly Cow continues to support the expansion of the product line in the country, and reinforces our commitment to bring the best food and beverages of the world to the Filipinos. Jolly Cow Chocolate Milk is different from other chocolate drinks, as it only uses 100% Pure Cow’s Milk, Cocoa, a little bit of sugar, and no vegetable fat added. It is totally chocolicious! All our consumers will surely love it!” said Fly Ace Corporation General Manager, Ramon Daez.
Conveniently available nationwide in one liter and 200 ml sizes, Jolly Cow Chocolate Milk is best enjoyed chilled or as a delicious ingredient to liven up milkshakes and smoothies. Since it doesn’t use vegetable fats to give it full taste, it is no surprise that both kids and young at hearts find it an irresistible source of their daily calcium and a source of energy. Perfect for dunking with your favorite bread, it is also the ultimate accompaniment for your favorite savory snacks, and is a healthier alternative for the sweet-toothed. Jolly Cow Chocolate Milk tastes so good!

Learn more about Jolly Cow on or