Thursday, January 21, 2016


My kids love watching TV especially cartoons. I know it's not ideal but my kids can watch cartoon shows all day everyday that even I get to enjoy it too, good thing all the shows are teaching them lessons in the end.

Last year for a change we introduced the kids to a classic form of presentation, the theater! Surprisingly, they enjoyed and we are looking into exposing them to more theater shows for them to appreciate the raw talents being showcased right before their eyes.

Is theater show something new to your kids? Now is the time to give your little ones the gift of magic and wonder of world class Live Theater with The Gruffalo! Showing at the RCBC Theatre from January 27 to 31, 2016, don’t miss out! 

Join Mouse on an adventurous journey in Tall Stories’ magical, musical adaptation 
of the award-winning picture book by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler.

“Irresistibly charming!”  The Times, UK
“Monstrous fun!”  Daily Mail, UK

Mouse sets off on a daring adventure through the deep dark wood in search of hazelnuts, meeting the cunning Fox, the eccentric old Owl and the party mad Snake on the way. Will the story of the fabled Gruffalo save Mouse from ending up as dinner for these wily woodland creatures? Armed with only a nut map and a little courage, Mouse must outwit them all, and after all, there’s no such thing as a Gruffalo – is there?

Songs, laughs and scary fun for children aged 3 and up and their adults, in a show that’s toured around Britain and the world. Let your imagination run wild!

“No. 1 Children’s Show!” The Independent, UK
“An altogether winning performance!” New York Times

The Gruffalo - LIVE has grown into one of the biggest and most anticipated live shows in Hong Kong and Singapore and Manila can finally welcome the production come 2016. The Gruffalo - LIVE 2016 will be performed by a professional theatre company from the United Kingdom.

“In its four years, The Gruffalo - LIVE has grown into a major family entertainment event in both Hong Kong and Singapore,” says Matthew Gregory, Executive Producer of Hong Kong-based ABA Productions.“This show will provide a fun and educational experience that the whole family can enjoy. I truly hope that this will give children an opportunity to experience the magic of live theatre and expand theirknowledge of the art.” 

Brought to Manila by Concertus Manila, in partnership with ABA Productions and Lunchbox Theatrical Productions. Special thanks to Nickelodeon.Book your tickets atTicketWorld. Call 891-9999 or visit

Production info:

Directed by Olivia Jacobs.
Creative Producer: Toby Mitchell.
Designer: Isla Shaw.
Lighting by James Whiteside, 
Music by Jolly Good Tunes, 
Choreography Morag Cross.

Adapted from the book by Julia Donaldson & Axel Scheffler
Illustration © Axel Scheffler and Macmillan Children’s Books

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Get That White Magnified and Exude Beauty From Within with Tatio Active DX

Most of us were taught and has lived by the saying "Beauty comes from within" meaning, being beautiful isn't all about having a pretty face but having a pretty heart. But as time passes by people tend to be more competitive and believes that they'd be more socially accepted if they posses the beauty that is seen by the naked eye. Hence, we patronize products that could enhance our physical appearance, including our skin complexion which nowadays has been used as a standard for beauty. However, with all the skin care products that are readily available in the market all promising fast and effective results, choosing what's best for you becomes the challenge. 

TATIO ACTIVE DX is the latest and enhanced formulation which gives the best results and benefits of glutathione.

With that in mind TATIOMAX PHARMA CORP. one of the front runners in skin care products is bringing beauty and wellness a notch higher. Established in 2008 they were among the first company to bring in TATIO ACTIVE DX.

Under the helm of its CEO Regina Soqueño-Barrios, Tatiomax Pharma Corp. brings to the market holistic skin care products that help exude natural "beauty from within." Remember having a pretty heart makes you beautiful? But Tatio Active DX helps bring out the best in you by promoting not just good looking skin but healthy skin as well. Get that white magnified!

During the Press Conference and Product Launch held at the Luxent Hotel, Quezon City last January 15, 2016.


“We recommend that clients undergo laboratory process, blood chemistry, etc. This is to properly and safely determine the right amount or dosage of gluta to take, thus getting effective, better results.”

Tatio Active DX Gluta Gold

TATIO ACTIVE DX unlike other brands, is available in 1800mg and comes in soft gel. A soft gel formulation has 5 times more absorption rate compared to the capsules or caplet. It takes up to 5 minutes for the soft gels to be absorbed by the body. It is almost as good as the injectable in terms of absorption.

Addressing discreet needs and demands of the beauty and wellness market, TATIO ACTIVE DX product lines include Glutathione Gold 1800 Softgel, Pearl Whitening with Sun Block 1800 Softgel, Shape Slimming Softgel 1800mg, Collagen Softgel 1800mg, Human Placenta Softgel 1800mg, Glutathione Injectable, Gluta Spray and Gluta Patch.

Each softgel is imprinted individually to safeguard its quality and authenticity. The manufacture and distribution of TATIO ACTIVE DX goes through rigid study and research. To ensure safety and efficacy, TATIO ACTIVE DX is substantiated with Laboratory Tests, Regulatory Compliancy, Medical Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and Case Studies.

By the time it started operations in 2008 to date, TATIOMAX PHARMA CORP. is significantly on good standing in terms of market response and patronage.

“Our products speak for the company. Competition is good. However, at the end of the day, it is the result that counts. And that’s what keeps our customers from coming back. We never stop innovating our products. We have to keep the pace.”

Get that white magnified! TATIO ACTIVE DX!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

New Year 2016 And A Look Back on 2015

Hi there! I know it's a little bit late but let me just greet all of you a Happy New Year and I hope that all is well. We haven't updated the blog for weeks already except for the very first post I made this year which has also been long overdue. I swear I've been meaning to blog for the past weeks, backlogs have piled up already but I just couldn't find the time. I admit that all these mommy duties overwhelmed me big time especially that we don't have a helper. I had several attempts to blog but I easily get distracted even with the smallest of things that my kids do, so I end up with nothing. Also we all know that December is one of the busiest month for all of us. My kids and I got sick too just imagine how much of a stress that was.

Because of the terrible headache we missed the traditional New Year's eve family picture. I'm just glad that they were able to take photos of the kids wearing their Chinese outfit which we bought earlier that day.
New Year's celebration wasn't also that great as I had a terrible headache few minutes before 12 midnight. I was just on the bed waiting for the medicine to take effect which actually took longer than I was expecting therefore I missed the Media Noche. However the next day we all went to SM Southmall to celebrate New Year's day, our first family date out for 2016.

Husband and I then took advantage of the remaining days before classes finally resume. We went on our first couple date this year; a spa date at The Spa and then we watched Beauty and the Bestie. Which I will be blogging about soon.
We thought of starting the new year the best way possible, well we did but unfortunately the very next day, I got sick with flu. I was sick for almost a week and wasn't able to perform mommy duties, good thing Jaear was here.

Alright so that pretty much sums up the event that took place during the holiday season and the reason why we were idle for the past weeks. So now as we transition into the new year, I would first like to take you to a quick look back on the relevant events that happened last year.

Our eldest graduated from Kinder 1 March last year which was held at the Philippine International Convention Center. He got the "Most Cheerful Pupil" recognition. I've graduated 4 times from the past but the thought of your own child graduating for the first time gives a different kind of joy.
Late summer of last year I got to be with my parents, reunited with my friends and the kids had loads of fun too with their cousins.
Every year we see to it that we get to visit my hometown La Union, but we missed last 2014 and for a lot of reasons we almost missed it again last year. It was already May and we never thought that this vacation would still push through. It wasn't planned it just happened when my cousin took our aunt to the airport for her flight back to Australia.Oh boy I'm glad we made it because during the short vacation period we had amazing experiences, some are even our firsts!

I've been dreaming of surfing the waves and we finally did it! It was very fun and i'm looking forward to doing it again.
So yes, I need to blog about this soon.
June last year, my mother in law and her colleagues went to Baguio City for their company outing and we joined them. It was their first time,as for us we've been there lots of times already (except baby Brianna) though it's our first time wearing the Igorot costume. Fun times :)
June 2015 we received a bad news, Lola Nena (my dad's mother) was rushed to the hospital and stayed in the ICU for a couple of days, we were all hoping for a miracle which never happened. This is our last picture together, taken during our short vacation. Who would have thought that it's the last time that i'll ever get to see her and be with her.
We again went home to La Union to attend her last night's wake and the interment the next day, our relatives from all over the country and abroad also went home to see her for the last time. After how many long years we as family got reunited again because of her, but the reason that bind us all together is now gone. Heartbreaking indeed but we already made our peace that she is now home with God, and that life must go on.

We all had a magical time at the Disney Live, we got our tickets free from Sun Postpaid.
Bought a brand new 55 inch Samsung Curved Smart TV. The owner of the Samsung store is one of our Godfathers during our wedding so we get good discounts. Let us know if you're planning to purchase any Samsung appliances in the future. Haha :)
Time passed by September came with lots of birthday celebrations including my father in law's, Tristan (our eldest) and Athena (middle child). Our 2 September babies then got an early birthday treat, they got to watch Disney Live Mickey's Music Festival! They are huge Disney fans, Disney Junior channel all day everyday. Haha! 

We still join online contests but not as often as we used to and last year we got our share of winnings and here are some of them. 

My #ComboMoTo photo entry won the Grand Prize from Pepsi's Challenge last year.
The Prize? Trip to Japan for 2 convertible to Php 100,1000 cash. We chose the cash, but we still haven't claimed it yet. According to them they are still processing the release of the cheque. This is by far our biggest winning.

October is another birthday packed month, it's my mother in law's, Jaear's and my birth month. This also marks the beginning of "Team Poreber". FYI: this blog used to be Mom-derful World my mommy blog which I started year 2013 but we just decided to combine our blogs together. "The Irate Agent" his blog plus mine equals "Team Poreber" because we believe in Forever (cheesy) Haha!. This month our blog also unlocked few milestones as we also started working with several brands, company and we also get to attend some events. Actually its just me who gets to attend the events because it's my social media accounts that we use besides my husband is quite the shy type of a guy but we both work together on the blogs content, so its a Team Work!
Thankful to have found new friends, my event buddies. Lyzhyie Bongon of
and Eihdra Gatchalian of
This month I got inked, a vain one. I was convinced to get a permanent eyebrow tattoo.
(That explains my thick brows in this photo)
Will share it with you soon.

We won Php 20,000 cash from Biogesic's Sineserye promo and they'll be featuring our story in a short film. We already blogged about this here: Biogesic will feature how Team Poreber's story started in a short film! But bad news is the showing has been delayed, according to them it will be early this year. Really looking forward to it.
November has been a blessed month as well, its my mom's and Brianna's birth month, lots and lots of celebration! Aside from that, we won a 3D2N all-expense paid trip to Miniloc/Apulit Island, El Nido Resorts Palawan. Can't wait for February, I'm so excited!

December came, a very busy month, Christmas shopping and preparations. I also attended my first ever Christmas Party with my fellow Mommy Bloggers. 

My mom also came for a visit and stayed for more than 2 weeks, took her out for some mom and daughter bonding. She went home before Christmas. 

Merry Christmas!
We are looking forward to celebrating the Holidays in my hometown next year, it's been years since the last time I celebrated it with my parents.

Wow, after going through these events all I can say is that 2015 although there may have been unpleasant happenings still it has been a very fruitful year for us. And, even though we didn't have the best start for 2016, we still have the whole year ahead of us to make up for it. I am hoping and praying that everything would fall into place. This year my main priority is my family's health and mine, being sickly is not cool at all.

This year we will still be joining online contests, as a full time mom I think this is the most productive thing I can do while juggling mommy duties. I refuse to be called a Professional Contest Joiner, but if anyone thinks of it that way I'll just have to shrug it off my shoulder, I know better. 

I know how overwhelmed I am with my duties as a mom but one thing is for sure, Blogging stays. I can always make time for it. Blogging is a passion I'd love to pursue, it is my way of expressing myself, share with you our experiences and in the future it's something that we can look back to. I'm really glad for what our blog has achieved last year, yes we do get tokens but more than that we get paid with experiences and new acquaintances. There were also some rejections but we never got discouraged. So this year we are hoping for our blog's growth, more opportunities and of course your support. 

Our friends are actually convincing us to get our own domain, we are still thinking about it and of course make our researches first. Do you think we should get our own domain? Your response will be much appreciated. :) 

Happy 2016 everyone! 

Thursday, January 7, 2016

A Christmas To Remember with Mommy Bloggers Philippines

It was June 2013 when I started blogging, I was a full time mom then (until now) and pregnant with baby Brianna, our youngest. That time we were also on the process of adapting to a new environment because it was just few months since we moved in to the condo. New place, new faces, I am away from my parents and friends so I only get to communicate with them online. It wasn't easy at first but eventually I got used to everything and I can say that blogging has been a big help.

From "Perks Of Being A Mom" to "Mom-derful World" my blog served as my online journal where I share anything about my journey as a mom. Regardless of the number of followers I got and whether they get to read my posts or not I continued blogging because it's something that I love doing. That same year I was surprised that I got invited to be part of a community of Moms who also love to blog, the Mommy Bloggers Philippines! It was such an honor and I would like to thank Mommy Lanie Lluch of TweenselMom for recognizing my blog back then even though I was just starting. However, few months after I gave birth I honestly had a hard time adapting and juggling my mommy, blogging duties and everything in between especially that we don't have a helper. It was really overwhelming so I stopped blogging. Came October 2015, my husband and I decided to come back to the blogging world and just combine our blogs since we will only be blogging the same thing, hence we came up with a new blog name "Team Poreber" this is actually on the "About" section. Lol. We became active and accepted PR postings, I also attended a few Blog Events, get to know more fellow bloggers but the most memorable of all is the Mommy Bloggers Philippines Christmas Party.
Photo taken by Casa Litrato
It is the only Christmas Party that I actually attended and I'm really glad I did because it was so much fun. I got to meet fellow mommies who I used to know and talk to online through their blogs.

The Mommy Bloggers Philippines Christmas Party was held last December 5, 2015 at the Sky Lounge area of The Linden Suites, Pasig City. Aside from the venue, they also provided us with our sumptuous lunch courtesy of their in house restaurant the Mesclun. The Sky Lounge was wonderfully designed by Amari Events with red and gold, all mommies were also asked to dress up in accordance to the theme. Making the tables more beautiful are the gold and red jewelry boxes from Shoppers Stop and cute ribbons from Chelsy and Casey, all of us mommies got to take each of it home.

With my event buddies; Lhyzie and Eihdra
The party was limited to only 40 Mommy Bloggers so we got the time to get to know each other with a short introduction about us and our blog. My blog post intro includes everything that I was supposed to say during the introduction but missed because I was really shy that time. 

Photo Taken by Casa Litrato
After the introduction lots of prizes from our generous sponsors such as Fujidenzo, Zojirushi, Philips, Fuentes Manila, Starbucks, National Bookstore, Hotel Quickly and Sun Villa Resort were given away during the raffle. 

I am not that lucky when it comes to raffle that's why I was really surprised when I won! I won a Fujidenzo Coffee/Tea Maker, yey!

Photo taken by Casa Litrato
Our arms got a quick exercise as we pass the VitaCubes gift packs to our left, right..across! It was a fun game, we all got VitaCubes and lucky moms won SM GC's!

During chitchat time, we were served with a cup of hot coffee best paired Lotus Biscoff, yum!

Aside from the wonderful design,Amari Events also hosted a photo contest. They provided us with a photo booth area where we can take our photos, upload it on Instagram then they chose 2 winners of a special prize. 
I just got lucky, I was one of the winner and won a Zojirushi Thermal Airpot. 

Not all mommies got lucky enough during the raffle but everyone went home with lots of goodies from Jolly, Robinsons Supermarket, Frabelle, Melawares, Wacoal, Cinnabon, Red Ribbon and Villas Conte Chocolates. We also have gifts prepared for the exchange gift. Good thing we all brought extra eco-bags, but I believe we all had a hard time figuring out how to take them all home because I swear it was a lot! 


This wonderful moment were all captured in photos by our official photographer, Casa Litrato.

These are all the goodies I got to take home! :)
I'm positive that every one had a blast, it was indeed a Christmas Party to remember and it was made possible by generous sponsors and a team of mommies who love this blogging community. Thank you so much! 

I can't wait for this years Christmas Party and  to meet more mommy bloggers. :)

The Linden Suites


Amari Events

Casa Litrato




Lotus Biscoff

Frabelle Foods

Robinsons Supermarket





Rebisco VitaCubes

Fuentes Manila

Sun Villa Resort

Villa Del Conte Chocolates

Red Ribbon

Hotel Quickly

Shoppers Stop…

Chelsy & Casey

National Bookstore


*All photos used are mine unless stated other wise*

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

First LegoLympics in the Philippines Held at SM Southmall

It was a rainy Saturday last December 19, 2015 as if blessing the Grand Finals of the first ever Lego Building Competition or the LegoLympcs in the Philippines which was held at SM Southmall. Despite the rainy weather, I together with my mom, husband and the kids especially my eldest son who loves Lego eagerly braved the rain and floods to witness the pouring skills and creativity of  all the participants vying for the Championship.

The LegoLympics were divided into 3 categories: Kids (4-12 years old) Teens (13-17 years old) and Adults (18 years old and up) and prior to the Grand Finals, participants from each categories underwent Elimination Rounds which were held at SM Southmall's Event Center last November 28, December 5 and 12, 2015. 

The LegoLympics Grand Finals took place around 4:00 in the afternoon at the Event Center which were filled with shoppers and mall goers who watched and cheered for their favorite participants.

Starting with the Kids, followed by the Teens then the Adult Category, each participants were given a set of Lego Bricks and within 20 minutes they should Create, Build and have fun with their given theme. 

Kids in action. Creating, Building "Gift Box" and Having Fun!

Teens Category. Creating, Building "Santa Claus" and making their imagination do the work!

Adults Creating, Building "Christmas Elf" and Having some Serious Fun!

After the 20 minutes time limit given to each participants, the judges were also given time to asses each masterpiece and judge them according to the following criteria: Creativity, Stability and Nearest to Reality

In between the competition, some of the viewers from the audience were randomly picked to participate in some challenges and the winners per challenge got to take home Lego loot bags.

Lego Santa Claus was also there ready for picture taking at Photo Booth Area.

The winners of the first ever LegoLympics in the Philippines were announced before the event ended and they took home the following prizes per category:

Champion: 5,000 pesos + Lego Loot Bag
1st Runner Up: 2,500 pesos + Lego Loot Bag
2nd Runner Up: 1,500 pesos + Lego Loot Bag

and the winners are.....
2nd Runner-Up: Matthew Gabriel Reyes, 10
1st Runner-Up: Clive Willis Estrella, 10
CHAMPION: Carlos Vincent Taiño, 11

2nd Runner-Up: July Juan Baranda, 16
1st Runner-Up: Chi Marcelo, 13
CHAMPION: Patrick Rodriguez, 17

2nd Runner-Up: Angel Jacob Villanueva, 24
1st Runner-Up: Chad Yaoyao, 19
CHAMPION: Celis Anthony Manalo, 26


SM Southmall also has a LEGO Christmas Adventure Land Centerpiece and Pit Stops in every level, you can drop by and take your selfies there!

#LegoLympicsAtSMSouthmall #ILoveLego 

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Lancaster New City’s First Ever Christmas Light Show

There's no denying that we, Filipinos, have the longest Christmas Season and it starts as soon as the ber-months begin. Christmas parties here and there.Colorful decors and lighting everywhere while Christmas carols are in the air.Can you believe it?One more week to go and it's officially Christmas day! The thought of it gives most of us the mixed feelings of excitement and nostalgia. Christmas, during my childhood in my hometown (La Union), is one of the happiest and magical memories I have. I brag a lot about it to my husband because since I have been living with them in Manila for several years now, I have observedthat there is a distinguishable difference. The fast-paced life nowadays in the Metro is causing stress to a lot of us and this sucks the fun that we're supposed to feel for this Holiday Season. Personally, Christmas simply 
wants me to go back to the time where it was all about Santa Claus, gifts, sumptuous meals and all that is festive.

Recently I took a trip down memory lane when I got to witness an exciting and spectacular event: the first Christmas Light Showat Lancaster New City. This show aims to bring joy and delight not just to its residents but to all children and the young-at-hear twho want to visit this place. With the theme “Santa’s Workshop,” lights on the Christmas decorated arcades dance to a medley of both classic and alternative Christmas songs. The 20-minute light show was very nostalgic in a magical way and made me feel like a child again.I actually sang and danced along the medley and couldn’t help myself not to take videos and selfies!

It's such a joy to watch these people enjoying the moment and each others company.

Selfie during the Christmas Light Show!
If you want to de-stress from the hustle and bustle of the city living without having to go far, or if you just want to feel that magical Christmas feeling again, the Christmas Light Show is for you…and your family and friends. The show started last November 28 but you can still visit on Saturdays and Sundays from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM, until 3rd of January 2016.

Just beside the Christmas Light Show area is a “banchetto and bazaar” where both the residents and guests can enjoy good food and do some Christmas shopping. The “banchetto and bazaar” is open on November 28-29, December 5-6, 12-13, 15-22, and 26-27, from 10 AM to 10 PM.

Inside Lancaster New City is the Church of the Holy Family. It is also celebrating Simbang Gabi from December 16 to 23. There will be a chorale competition entitled “The Sound of Christmas at the Square”, which you can go to, on December 19 at 5PM.

Aside from the Christmas Light Show, I got to tour around the Lancaster New City - Pro-Friends’ flagship project that spans out more than 1,400 hectares and covers of Kawit, Gen. Trias City, and Imus. It is one of a kind township development designed for the family. Every detail in the development of this project revolves around making Lancaster New City the Family Friendly City where all residents may LIVE, LEARN, WORK, PLAY, and PRAY.

LIVE : Families get to live in a safe and secure community with more indoor and outdoor spaces to bond and play. It's located 6.5 km from the Cavitex Kawit Toll Exit, making it an ideal place for families to reside.

LEARN :Children may easily walk to school, St. Edward Community Schools, that offers quality, progressive education thru project-based learning.

WORK : Residents have the option to work minutes away from home thru the PEZA-accredited SuntechiPark.

A playground safe for kids to play on
PLAY : Families may enjoy the day shopping and having dinner at the Square of Downtown Lancaster or enjoy special family celebrations at the Community Center.

PRAY : Sunday masses and other religious activities are readily available at the Church of the Holy Family.

Across the church is the Leighthon Hall where you can hold your events.

Master Plan

The project began in 2007 as a small project in Kawit, Cavite. Through the years, it has grownas one of the biggest township projects in Cavite.


Property Company of Friends, Inc., also known as PRO-FRIENDS, is one of the fastest growing property developers in the Philippines, having built over 36,000 quality and affordable housing units since its inception in February 23, 1999. It is the company’s mission to build communities and transform lives thru its projects and developments.

Official Website:

YouTube Christmas Campaign Material: “The Making: Lancaster New City’s Christmas Light Show”