Wednesday, August 16, 2023

‘Yan Ang Isip Bata! TANG Empowers Kids to Create a Better Tomorrow in Tang Kidnovator Camp

"Isip-bata" or "to think like a child".In our society, this phrase is frequently regarded in a negative light. It implies a lack of maturity, unreliability, and a shortage of experience. Regrettably, the majority of individuals, whether they are adults or children, have adopted and normalized this expression. As a result of this perspective, we have ingrained the belief that children are incapable of independent thought and achieving remarkable feats.

But kids are not like that.

Children are natural innovators and problem-solvers. They can come up with unique and innovative solutions to complex problems. By creating an environment that allows children to think beyond conventional boundaries, listening to their perspectives, and empower them to embrace their own bright future, we can tap into this innate creativity and help them develop the skills and confidence they need to succeed.

This is why Tang seeks to break away from the negative perception towards this mentality. Encouraging free and creative thinking that screams “Yan Ang Isip Bata!”, this movement aims to inspire youngsters and parents alike to unlock their creativity and change the world.

Aligned with this vision is the latest TANG film. This showcases what "isip-bata" truly means- being caring, creative, innovative, and so much more, by featuring real kids who have come up with amazing inventions that address issues we have in our society. Tang aims to redefine "isip-bata", encouraging kids and adults to play an active role in fostering the love of learningvand discovery - as this "isip bata" mindset allows one to make a difference in the community.

With the brand's purpose to redefine "isip-bata", Tang will be launching its FIRST-EVER Tang Kidnovator Camp - gathering the Top 40 Kids from all over Metro Manila who bring bold and innovative ideas to make the community a better place. Tang aims to empower kids to become Tang Kidnovator - creating solutions for the betterment of the community such as Jade Go Patawaran. While young in age, both felt empowered by Tang to come up with unique and life-changing inventions that will shape the world.

Access to electricity and good learning conditions, protection of cultural heritage, the right to clean air, and a livable environment are some challenges we currently face -Tang believes that our kids have the solution! In the Tang Kidnovator Camp, kids will be encouraged to come up with ideas on how to solve these challenges and more. These Kidnovator have the power of Tang. With Vitamins C, D, and Zinc, Tang has 22 delicious flavors to choose from, adding the smarts, stamina, and health they need to truly make a difference in the community!

Have your child join the Tang Kidnovator Camp today! Like and follow Tang on Facebook for more details. Your favorite Tang is available in Lazada, Shopee, and all leading supermarkets and grocery stores nationwide!

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