Tuesday, October 27, 2020

How to be a Certified Medical Aesthetician

Have you ever wondered how people working in skincare at spas or salons, providing IV Infusion & Nutrition Therapy (yes glutathione) and even tattoo artists got to start their career? It's not like they just decided to suddenly want to do those for a living and started right away. There are certain certifications that needs to be met. Those mentioned are considered part of the lucrative Medical Aesthetic industry which amazingly still thrives even during the pandemic.

To avoid confusion, I just want to clarify the difference between a Dermatologists and Aestheticians. Both are skin care professionals. The key distinction is that dermatologists are medical doctors and qualified to diagnose and treat medical conditions that affect the skin. Aestheticians concentrate on the skin's appearance and may use facials or other treatments to improve the skin's appearance or care for problems such as acne.

If you've ever gotten a facial or an eyebrow wax, you've probably seen an Aesthetician. Aestheticians are also called skincare specialist who focuses primarily on the appearance of the skin. I didn't use to, but now look for those with License or Certificate in Medical Aesthetic before diving into a well deserved facial or skincare therapy or treatment. 

I personally think that Aesthetic Education is essential whether for personal career advancement or business growth. Those wanting to learn can consider going to International Academy for Aesthetic Sciences (IAAS)

International Academy for Aesthetic Sciences (IAAS) is a premiere and pioneering institution established in the Philippines during 2014. It focuses on Aesthetic studies in the country and also in the Southeast Asian region. The academy takes the lead in professionalizing Cosmetic Nursing practice through a combination of curriculum based and the hands-on training provided by experienced Medical Doctors, Nurses and field practitioners who are at the forefront of Aesthetic Clinical practice in the country. 

IAAS today is living up to its standards by getting accredited by TESDA, in order for them to improve their service quality, and add more courses to offer since Aesthetic learning progresses everyday as how modern science and technology does as well. 

IAAS Certification in Medical Aesthetic (CMA) Course and other short courses for NOVEMBER 9 class is now open for enrollment. IAAS will also launch new courses SOON: Chemical Peel & Microneedling for Advance classes.

Learning doesn't need to stop even during the pandemic. They offer blended learning. A combination of online learning and practical Hands-on (3 weeks didactic thru online class, 1 week practical). It definitely caught my attention as a Licensed Nurse who thinks of expanding my options in from healthcare to skincare. 

Are you also interested in pursuing Medical Aesthetics? Check out IAAS and ENROLL NOW! 


  1. Nice naman po nito. Sa mga gusto maging isang certified na nagpapaganda ay dito na po mag enroll. At tama po kayo sa sinabi niyo na hindi dapat natitigil ang pagkatuto ng dahil lang sa pandemya..

  2. True momsh. Dapat talaga yung trusted at Certified.Para safe din tayo kung sakaling may ipapagawa tayo sa sarili natin.
    Thanks for sharing this to us mommy.❤️