Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Athena's Quarantine 8th Birthday Parties!

Happy 8th birthday Athena!

"Ber-months" is not just Christmas Season in our family, but also birthday season. And it starts with Athena, who shared the same birthday as Mama Mary- September 8. It only seems like yesterday when we were planning her 7th birthday party, and now she's 8!

If it weren't for the pandemic, she would have celebrated her birthday with her classmates in school, or it could be just a simple dinner at home with my in-laws or we eat out. We don't throw big birthday parties, and I'll probably write another blog post about it.

Since September 8 was a Tuesday, we celebrated twice. As you all know, we live with Jaear's parents but they go to work on weekdays, and my sister in law (with her friend who she lives with) who lives in their house in Manila, visited us over the weekend, so we just decided to celebrate. Or, did we just used Athena's birthday as an excuse to have a feast? LOL!

Mandatory family photo :D

For the party theme, it was just a combination of the things that Athena wants. She wanted Shopkins for her gifts, her favorite color was pink and pastel blue, and she wants TikTok. So for her weekend party, it was black and pink themed. 

My babies have grown! Where did all the time go?

My sister in law bought her a toy unicorn pet as a gift. Our gift for her arrived on time for her birthday. 

For the food, we had Korean bbq or Samgyeopsal, hot pot, and my sister in law and her friend made lasagna and buffalo wings. We then had donuts delivered because I ordered her cake for her birthday. 

Ang galing lang magluto ng friend ng sister in law ko, all the food they cooked was so good. Do you want their buffalo wings and lasagna recipe? I'll ask and make a recipe post! 

For her actual birthday, I changed the decoration to match her birthday cake. It was pink and pastel blue themed! 

We just had food delivery as per Athena's request, pizza, carbonara, fried chicken, and then I cooked hot dogs with marshmallows on a stick, also her request. 

Mandatory family photo :D

Athena's birthday cake was TikTok themed, but I requested for pink and blue colors. Also, we want it to be icing cake. We don't like fondant cake that much. Yes, it's prettier, but it's also sweet which is nakakaumay, sayang lang if we don't get to eat it. 

We used to order fondant cakes and sa Manila pa, good thing I found someone who makes cake here in Las Pinas for an affordable price. 

I got Athena's cake for only Php 799 with free 6 pcs cupcakes. I found the seller through Facebook Marketplace and they also have an FB Page. You may check them out, just search Prima&Snow cake and cupcakes. They also make fondant cakes and super dali kausap. They even offer Cash on delivery!

The cake was a chiffon marble cake which was soft and fluffy. The icing isn't that sweet, nakakabitin. The cupcake on the other hand was chocolate and I find it a bit dry. But overall, it's good, sulit for the price. 

May all your wish come true, baby girl!

I'm so happy and proud of how Athena is growing. She's such a sweet and sensitive girl. I can somehow see myself in her. We're both sensitive, we easily feel sad and are both cry babies. We are also sensitive to others' feelings. Whenever Brianna or Tristan feels sad, she checks on them and comforts them. She is also industrious, she does what she's asked. Sometimes, she complains but still gets things done.

Not that I am biased, because she is my child, but she really is a nice kid. I swear! 

We got Shopkins for her gift.

I'm not good at throwing parties. But I'm glad that our birthday girl is happy, which is all that matters. 

How about you, did you also celebrate your birthday, or your kids' birthday, this quarantine? How was it?


  1. Happy birthday 🎉🥳 wish you good health and to your family❤️ more birthdays to come baby girl❤️ keep safe and Godbless 😊❤️

  2. Happy birthday bebegirl Athena.🎂🎈 God bless you always and always be a good girl and make your parents proud of you always.😊 Ang Ganda naman ng theme ng birthday nya momsh. So colorful and super yummy ng mga foods nya. Surely Athena, enjoyed her quarantine birthday party.😊 Super lucky and blessed dahil same birthday po sila ni Mama Mary. 🤗☺️

  3. Happy and Belated Birthday to you Baby girl. May God bless you more than he already does, stay healthy and kind. Good health lagi and many more birthdays to come.