Monday, May 11, 2020

Mother's Day 2020: ECQ Edition

I woke up early today from a long night of sleep. It's one of those rare moments when I get to sleep at night and it feels good! To those who don't know yet, I work-from-home on night shifts from Monday to Saturday. And on Sundays, which is my only day off, I sometimes stay up all night as well. I guess my body clock got used to my work schedule already. 
So yesterday was Mother's Day, while it's true that we don't need an occasion to celebrate life, I see to it that we celebrate special occasions. Given the current situation, a.ka. Enhanced Community Quarantine because of the Corona Virus, I'm sure that it's a different kind of celebration for everyone, and I'm glad we were able to get by.  

For me, celebrations need not be fancy. It's always the thought that counts, yung maalala ka lang on your special day, or when people take a moment of their time to greet you, and most importantly, being with loved ones. That's more than enough. 
Mother's Day 2020 came with a little scare. It was around 3 AM, I was about to be done with work, I was the only one awake in the house when I felt the earthquake. At first, I thought it was just my desk since it's been a little shaky or, maybe I'm just a little sleepy, I thought to myself. But the shaking felt intense and it lasted for a while. Realizing it was an earthquake, I stood up and immediately checked on the kids, then I woke Jaear up. My in-laws woke up as well. I got scared, good thing there weren't aftershocks. Jaear and my in-laws went back to sleep but I couldn't sleep after that, I believe, I was able to sleep around 8 AM and remembered telling Jaear "ikaw na bahala". Because for sure, tanghali na ako gigising. And yes, Jaear woke me up around 2 PM already. 

By that time, hey already had lunch and the kids were playing. Jaear told me he ordered pizza, and pasta at Yellow Cab for dinner, and that he was trying to order Milk Tea, and cake, through GrabFood but to no avail. We also tried LaLaFood and Foodpanda, wala rin. So, I thought of making a cake instead. A no-bake-cake, out of pancake mix, that is. Little did we know, my in-laws went to the supermarket, last minute, and was able to buy donuts and a cake. Honestly, even without all of these, ok lang saakin. But of course, I am grateful and beyond blessed for having a thoughtful husband and in-laws. 

Mother's Day Dinner.
No-bake-smores-cake out of pancake mix.

So this is the no-bake-smores-cake we made. This is the second time I did this. The first one was way back in 2015. I will make a separate post for the recipe. 

I also received a special Mother's Day treat from Pandesalan. They sent me Cheese-filled and Ube-filled Ube pandesal. This new version of Pandesal is getting a lot of hype as I see it online, and I haven't eaten one ever, until now. 

Mother's Day Card from Athena

After having dinner, Athena gave me her handwritten Mother's Day Card. It's her thing. She never fails to make greeting cards every occasion. And look how thoughtful she is, she knows I love Milk Tea and coffee. Inside the card, she wants me to pick a movie for our family movie night. Isn't that sweet?

On the other hand, Tristan and Brianna didn't make a card for me. But they do have their gifts as well. They gave me a pampering package! How does a manicure and massage at home sound to you? Awesome right? 

Brianna gave me a manicure, can you tell she's a pro? Not! Haha. As I said, it's the thought that counts. LOL! Tristan gave me 10 kisses, 5 each on the cheeks. Then gave me a very light back massage at bedtime. 

Ahhh! My love tank is full!! I believe that Mother's Day is my most favorite occasion compared to my birthday. I love celebrating being a mom, as becoming one has changed my whole life for the better. It may be tiring and entails a lot of sacrifices, but it is all worth it.

How was your Mother's Day? I hope it was beautiful and full of love. 

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