Friday, June 28, 2019

On Being Healthy Inside and Out

I remember having a conversation with Tristan about cleaning his ears, which he is not fond of doing, mainly because he gets very ticklish. It's really a struggle doing that, it feels like we're playing tug-o-war; I pull him close to me and the moment I touch his ears, he pulls back. And, repeat. It gets really annoying! It takes a good amount of patient, strength and talking how important hygiene is, just to get it done. I would even make up horror stories about dirty ears, and that he'd get sick if we don't get it cleaned. But he doesn't seem to be bothered. According to him, he is eating vegetable so he is still healthy. So of course, I explained to him that being healthy should be inside and out.

And, that is really my goal for my family, to live a lifestyle that is healthy inside and out (i guess it's everybody's goal). But honestly, it's a struggle especially nowadays that the standard of being healthy has gone up on a different level. In all fairness though, I really admire those mommies who are very health conscious, those who prepare healthy, all-natural, or vegan meals for their families. Mommies who are dedicated to working out and has gym subscriptions. So, if that's what you are expecting here in this post, just like my other Health related posts, sorry to disappoint you but you can't find it here. Haha. I am going to talk about our reality and what are the things that I am doing to achieve my goal for me and my family.

Just in time, Watson's also have an ongoing campaign that is aligned with my goal. They sent us a Wellness Kit that has helped us throughout our journey to becoming healthy inside and out. 

Here's a short unboxing video which I've posted on Facebook and Instagram.

Before anything else, let me give you an overview of what is it like in our household, consisting of 5 members (with kids aged 9, 6 and 5) plus 2 in-laws, no yaya and no helper. Chaos! Hahahuhu. My husband and my in-laws are working so it is I and the kids who are mostly at home, so in short, I connote domestic drudgery. LOL! But, I won't take all the credit, because we all work together, there's a help when I need it. But, the struggle is still there, we just can't completely get rid of that.

These are all the products included on our Wellness Kit. There are products for everyone in the family plus gift cards that we can use to buy all other things we need from hygiene products, bath essentials, vitamins and supplements and over the counter medications. It's definitely a one-stop-shop! 

Now, talking about health, we all know the basics, healthy and balanced meal, active lifestyle, and cleanliness or hygiene. So these are the areas where I am going to focus on.

Active Lifestyle

In the past years, I always work out even just at home. I just check YouTube for home workouts. But since last year, it's zero. The only workout I get to do is when I do household chores and running errands. I've been a lazy ass, you know, Netflix and chill up to the wee hours then the next day, I'm very sleepy and feeling exhausted. Haha! 

So, all I can say is, I need to work on this area. If you're like me, a work-at-home-mom or stay-at-home-mom who can't afford or don't have time to go to the gym, let's push for home workouts even for just 30 mins to 1 hour a day. Remember, a little exercise is better than nothing. It can be jogging, walking, using the stairs or dancing, just keep moving. 


Okay, I have to add this too. Take it from me, sleep is a necessity. It's hard to function well if you lack sleep. I know this, but then again I guess I am just pasaway. Imagine, sleeping 2AM or 3AM then waking up at 6AM to attend to the kids until I work late at night. I love sleeping but I also value my "me time". So, what I am doing is, I try to limit my late night "me time" then find time in between chores to take a nap or do what I want. To help induce sleep, it's best to avoid caffeine and drink Chamomile tea instead, its calming effect can help induce sleep.

I guess lack of sleep is also one of the reasons (aside from aging lol) as to why I always get a headache. So this Aromatherapy roll on is now part of my must-have items. 

When it comes to the kids, I see to it that they sleep 8PM and 9PM as the latest. Time management plays a big role here. So good luck! But really, you'll be surprised how kids can keep up with schedules. When I deviate from our original schedule my kids especially my eldest wouldn't budge. It's really important to be firm and consistent.


This is rather easy. Taking a bath should be an everyday thing, right? Well, except for moms to newborn babies, who hardly has time for themselves; been there, done that! Toothbrush, three times a day. Handwashing, before and after eating and using the restroom or as necessary. I couldn't elaborate more on this, I'm sure you all get this. But for a family with small kids, actually children in general, this needs more emphasis, agree?    

Aside from personal hygiene, home hygiene is also important. Our home is our sanctuary so it is mandatory that the cleanliness is maintained. But I also know how hard it is to tidy up after the kids or the biggest kid in the house (ehem the husband). Still, I make sure to clean up every day then we do spring cleaning every now and then. 

Healthy and Balanced Food

This is where I struggle the most because it is not just for me, I have 3 school-age kids to consider. I find myself stuck in a rut, cooking the same food or if not resorting to fast food or instant food. Don't judge me, a mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do!

So a week before this school year started, I vowed to plan our weekly menu since I will also be starting with my work at home job. This way, I can manage my time, budget and avoid stressing about what to cook. It's been 3 weeks now since I started and so far it's a success.

I started posting photos of their baon/snack and I'm enjoying it. I'm planning to buy bento tools to make it more pretty!

Now, I get to let the kids eat more veggies and we only get to eat fast-food or eat out on weekends. Yes, we haven't totally got rid of fast-food and also chips and sweets but the good thing is, it was lessened. So I still give the kids their vitamins daily to make sure they meet their nutritional needs, and we're almost done with that bottle of Propan TLC from our Watsons Kit.  

So there you go, our health and wellness journey so far. There is still a lot to improve on but we'll take that one day at a time. With the many distractions around us, I'm glad we were able to stick to our routine. Also thankful to Watsons for being part of it.

It's true that being healthy should be inside and out and when you are healthy you will look good and feel great! And there's no better time than now to start living healthy! 

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