Friday, November 16, 2018

Doe Deere: The Queen of Lime Crime, Momtrepreneur & a New Venture

Doe Deere welcomed her new daughter, Loreli Elita into the world 21st of September this year. The queen of makeup and founder of Lime Crime could not hide her joy on Instagram.

She expressed her joy and took that chance to shed light on her new prospects in the coming months.

Deere’s daughter was carried by a surrogate because of the medical complications that the pregnancy would have exposed her to. A few months ago she opened up on Instagram about her situation and decision to use a surrogate to carry her baby. Loreti is Deere’s first child.

It was also during that time that Deere made it public of her decision to step down from most of her roles at Lime Crime for the purposes of concentrating on a new venture. Indeed it’s a time of new beginnings for Deere and her family.

Deere has always been open about her life in public and she welcomes all of us into her new journey. Having welcomed a newborn and announced the launch of Poppy Angel off (A jewelry boutique line) sheds light on the experience of momtrepreneurs around the world.

The Poppy Angeloff Venture

The Lime Crime founder is on the new jewelry venture. Kat Day expressed her joy to work together with her sister in the jewelry business. “We all love jewelry in our family and when we were not able to get what we wanted, we took that opportunity to work out something”, said Kat Day.

Kat day is also a new mother meaning that all of them will be operating the business with babies tied around them. This is a similar trend across the globe. Most women have broken the glass ceiling of patriarchy in the business world. They have overcome barriers that always brought them down.

Deere has worked out her way through thick and thin and has managed to build an empire in the cosmetic world.

Entrepreneurship is part and parcel of my life . I always search on the needs of the market and think of a solution for it. Besides, find something that you are passionate about and follow through it. –Doe Deere

This is a marketing technique that has previously worked for Deere. Right now she is building a following on Instagram for the new brand’s Instagram page. She has also assured followers on her personal Instagram page that they will love the aesthetics of her jewelry.

Who is Doe Deere?

I've had posted about Deere several times before like on this article. But again, Deere surfaced into the cosmetic industry in 2008. She started small but her prowess in online marketing helped her to dominate the cosmetic world within a short time. Deere was a popular user of Myspace and LiveJournal at that time.

She took advantage of her social media popularity to build a community of followers who turned her into a household name. She shared some of her music and sold constructed clothing and vintage to her followers.

How Deere built Lime Crime

Lime Crime entered the cosmetic industry with pomp and color. In the early days, her products mainly attracted subcultures such as Dollies, the Goths, the Punks and such like stuff. However, within a short period of time, Lime Crime offered the Cosmetic industry what it needed (creativity).

Deere’s Transition

Having served in the top leadership of the company for several years now, Deere recently revealed that she will be stepping down from her position together with her husband.

She, however, assured her customers that the company’s goal of providing cruelty-free cosmetic products will continue. Deere will also remain on the board of Lime Crime even as she ventures on her new business.

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