Monday, July 31, 2017

Tips on Getting Your First Car

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

I'm one of those who feels excited and scared at the same time about finding that perfect car which not
only fits my taste but also my budget. The thing is what's a mom like me know about cars in the first
place? Google is definitely my buddy as it led me to It helped me to narrow down my research and focus on the main points I need to consider. Those are if I should get a new or used car, my budget range, make and model, and miles!

I tested the site in hopes of finding that perfect match and here is the top on my list which I easily spotted:

I opt in finding a used car for my first time as it seems more practical. Typed in my budget, miles, make and model of the car I want and viola! It actually showed me lots of options but I simply filtered my options by altering the year which i chose from 2010-2011.

My favorite part about this site is how it makes researching the right one easy! If you check on the right
side it shows the number of reviews and ratings of the car, pictures and a video can be seen which is a
plus. It's fairly easy to make an intensive review and get the essential information about a wide variety of car selections.

It's always a good idea to check various dealers especially if we're shopping for a used car and that's where comes in handy. One thing I'm definitely sure of is making sure to let a seller know that YOU know what you're dealing with. That's why it's quite valuable to make your research as to not get taken advantage of easily. Research helps on finding the true worth of the cars we're looking for to make sure that it's roadworthy.

Want to make your first car special? Check out

Friday, July 28, 2017

Home Or Hospital? Finding The Best Birth For You

When you’re pregnant, you have a lot on your plate. And no, that’s not because you’re eating for two. It’s because you have to grow a child, and plan a birth at the same time. While few of us like to consider the birth aspect of pregnancy before we conceive, it’ll be at the front of your mind throughout your pregnancy. There are so many opinions about the right and wrong way to do it. How can you make informed decisions when everyone seems to disagree?

One of the major sticking points is whether you should have a hospital or home birth. The warriors for both believe that their way is THE way. But, when the health of you and your child hang in the balance, such blind faith isn’t helpful. You need hard facts to ensure you make the best decision possible. And, that’s what we’re going to give you here. Home vs. hospital, take it away!

Trusting Your Gut

If you've ever thought about whether you've got an intolerance to something, you're not alone there are so many of us now that seemed to not be able to stomach wheat, gluten, or lactose like we used to. And while it's important to listen to your body you need to remember that a lot of allergies and immune system deficiencies can stem from an unhealthy gut or unhealthy lifestyle habits. We need to look after our stomachs, and here is how.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

The Doctor is In: 5 Ways to Choose Your Ob-Gyne

There’s an unspoken special kind of bond between a gynecologist and a patient. You see, besides having an access to the most intimate part of the body, an obstetrician-gynecologist plays a big role in your wellness– from keeping your reproductive system at the pink of its health, to guiding you through every stage of pregnancy, down to delivering a new member of the family. So don’t take chances when you’re looking for Dr. Right. That’s why Jeunesse Anion’s Dr. Faith Suluen, ob-gyn tackles these 5 practical checklists to consider. Read on and find out here:

Old Orchard Cranberry’s Tips on How to Take Care of your Kidneys

Kidneys are part of our urinary system. They are two bean-shaped multi-functional powerhouse organs that expel waste from the body, balance body fluids, release hormones that regulate blood pressure, and control the production of red blood cells.

With all those jobs to be done, our kidneys deserve attention and care. The National Kidney and Transplant Institute has reported that Kidney Failure is the 7th leading cause of death among Filipinos and close to an estimate of 30,000-40,000 patients yearly undergo dialysis. Kidney disease often cannot be cured, but fortunately, it can be prevented early by taking care of our urinary tract. With the aid of Old Orchard’s resident US nutritionist, Amy Bragagnini, MS, RD, CSO, here are some tips that can help you prevent urinary tract and kidney infections.

1. Eating Healthy and Exercising Regularly.

Diabetes and high blood pressure cause most of the kidney problems. When blood pressure is high, blood vessels stretch to allow blood to flow more easily. The stretching eventually injures and weakens the blood vessels, impairing their ability to clean blood properly, including those in the kidneys. That’s why it is always best to follow healthy eating habits such as limiting intake of sodium (2,500 mg) and sugar and controlling weight and blood pressure through exercise. Watchful eaters should also consider the addition of calcium-filled food (milk, yogurt, calcium-fortified cereals, etc.) to their diet. However, Bragagnini notes that one must not mistake calcium supplements as an alternative to the natural food sources, as it could result to kidney stone formation when taken in excess.

2. Giving up on Smoking

If you’re smoking, you should quit now as smoking slows the flow of blood to the kidneys. This results to an impairment to function properly which increases risks of kidney cancer by 50%.

3. Following Directions for Over-the-Counter Medications.

Your kidneys can only take so much. Overdoing your medications create high toxins level in the body, posing a great burden on the kidneys. So as much as possible, limit yourself from too much chemical exposure. If you really need medications, consult with your physician and follow the instructions well.

4. Having them Screened Regularly. 

If diabetes or high blood pressure is in the genes, it is always ideal for you to have your kidneys tested regularly as part of your routine check-up. A creatinine level higher than 1.2 for women and 1.4 for men is a sure sign of a kidney problem.

5. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate! 

“Fluid intake is another important step to help lower risk of kidney stone formation and urinary tract infection”, stresses Bragagini. Healthy individuals who aren’t suffering present kidney diseases should consume enough water and other fluids of at least 2 liters of fluid per day. Consuming enough fluid helps dilute the urine and helps flush toxins. Bragagini prescribes that pairing a meal with Cranberry juice in moderation is a great way to reduce instances of irritation in the urinary tract. In fact, Cranberries are power packed fruits that are rich in Vitamin C and a source of Flavonoid and Phytonutrient contents called Hippuric Acid and Proanthocyanidin. These power duo components prevent UTI-causing bacteria from sticking to the wall of the bladder and urinary tract preventing further damage to the kidneys.

Bragagini closes by saying that the most important thing you can do to keep your kidneys safe is to take care of your overall body to reduce your chances of developing diseases that put a strain on your kidneys. Coupled by prevention, it is also aided by continuously doing a consultation with your physician or dietitian.

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