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5 Travel Destinations in Cebu You Must Visit


Travelling is now an increasingly popular hobby and lifestyle trend in all society. This holiday activity is carried out to relieve boredom and fatigue from daily activities.

When travelling, there are many interesting things that you can enjoy, starting from natural or modern tourist attractions and historical places. Don't miss local culinary tourism, which is something that must be tasted when on vacation somewhere.

One of the destinations that can be your vacation choice is Cebu, an island in the southern part of the Philippines with amazing beauty. Known as The Queen of South, Cebu is the second largest island after Manila. You can come here by plane. It is very easy to find Cebu Pacific Ticket on Traveloka.

The Philippines is a country that is part of ASEAN, so you don't need to apply for a visa when you come here. Apart from countries like Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand, you must explore the Philippines. Here are 5 recommendations for tourist attractions that you need to try when you come to Cebu:

Attractions Recommendation in Cebu

1. Fort San Pedro

Cebu is an area that has quite a high historical value. This island is a former Spanish colony because it was here that Ferdinand Magellan first landed in 1521 to colonize the Philippines.

This can be seen from the various buildings of the former Spanish heritage. There is Fort San Pedro, the oldest fort in the Philippines, and Magellan's Cross. The fort is triangular in shape with two parts facing the ocean.

Fort San Pedro is one of the landmarks of Cebu City and an icon of historical tourist attractions in the Philippines. To visit this fort, you only need to pay in pesos. Many people visit this place every day, especially in the evening because the view here is beautiful.

2. Oslob

Cebu Island is the best diving and snorkelling spot in the Philippines. For fans of underwater tourism, Cebu Island is a suitable recommendation because it offers the experience of swimming together with underwater animals.

Good news for those of you who have a hobby of diving, swimming, and various water activities, you can go to Pescador Island in Cebu. You can feel the sensation of swimming with Whale Sharks in Oslob.

Oslob waters are indeed a habitat for whale sharks. However, apart from interacting with these animals, you can also enjoy the beautiful underwater scenery of Oslob.

3. Basilica del Santo Nino

People say they haven't been to Cebu if they haven't visited the Basilica del Santo Nino. This basilica is the oldest church on Cebu Island.

You don't need to pay to enter historical tourist destinations that are used for worship by Filipino people until this day. Visitors can enter the church as well as the museum to get around. This old church built around the 19th century is well maintained.

This church is also spacious and has an attractive interior decorated with large and old paintings which further emphasizes that the building has existed for a long time.

4. Bantayan Island

Bantayan Island is located off the north coast of Cebu. To get there, you have to travel overland from Cebu City to the port for just over 3 hours and then take a ferry to Bantayan for an hour and a half.

Bantayan Island is an ideal place for relaxation and a beach holiday because it has beautiful white sand. Travellers can enjoy sunrise or sunset on this island.

While most of the island offers stunning sunset views, Bantayan Island offers the perfect sunrise view. Don't miss these two moments while in Bantayan.

5. Larsian Barbeque

Your vacation will be more complete by tasting Cebu's culinary delights. You can try Larsian barbecue located in Fuente OsmeƱa, Cebu City. This restaurant is the most recommended place when asked about famous local cuisine.

Uniquely, this restaurant is open 24 hours every day so you don't need to be afraid of running out. Come other than in the afternoon, when not too many visitors come. Unlike restaurants in general, Larsian does not provide forks, spoons or knives on each table.

Visitors will be given plastic gloves to wear when eating the ordered menu, which will provide an interesting barbecue experience.

That’s all about attraction recommendations in Cebu you could visit during your holiday trip to Cebu. Don’t forget to book your tickets, flights and any preparation for your trip only through Traveloka!

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