Monday, October 31, 2022

5 Family-Friendly Board Games to Play Online

My husband is a huge online gamer, so it comes as no surprise that my kids are too. Well, aside from the fact that everything has shifted online these days.

So my husband and kids would play online games together, a bonding between father and his children, which for me is a sight for sore eyes. But the thing is, I always feel left out whenever they play. You see, I am not an online gamer. Sure, I play some online games, but not what their games are like. So sometimes, I feel like I am the not-fun mom. Lol!

Gone are the days when the family would gather around the table and play offline games or board games, just like how my family used to. This is just a part of my childhood that I miss, which I hope to bring to life with my own family.

And the good thing is, I actually can! I can bring the old-good games back to life with a modern touch. I'm glad I stumbled upon a website that offers a variety of fun games for kids and just about everyone. They even have board games that we can play as a family, yes with me actually playing with them. Lol!

Here are five of our favorite family-friendly board games to play online.

Classic board game with 2 to 4 pieces on the playing field. Landing on a ladder advances you and landing on a snake sends you back. Opponents can also bump your piece. Moves are determined by the roll of a die & this game allows the first player to compete against the computer or up to 3 other human players.

This is a popular classic game for kids where each player tries to get 3 in a row. In this game, players can play on larger grid sizes where they must instead get 4 in a row. Players can choose to compete against each other or the computer.

This is a standard online version of the board game chess where a player can choose to play against the computer or a human opponent using the same computer.

A game which allows a player to compete against 1 to 3 computer players to see who can get rid of their dominoes first. Players must match piece numbers to one of the pieces on the ends and when a player can not make a match their turn is skipped.

Classic board game where players roll dice and try to get to the end of the board before other players. The game allows you to play against up to 5 competitors, which can be human or computer.

Whether you’re looking for a nostalgic way to spend an afternoon or evening, or you need some new family-friendly games to add to your rotation, we hope you find something on this list that strikes your fancy. These games are sure to bring back memories of childhood Christmases, holidays, and summer days spent indoors. So fire up the computer and get ready to have some fun! Board games are always more enjoyable when played with family and friends. What are your favorite online board games? Let us know in the comments below.

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