Friday, July 16, 2021

It's The Disney Ultimate Princess Celebration on Shopee!

“If You Keep On Believing, The Dream That You Wish Will Come True.”

Who wouldn't recognize this famous line from Cinderella? One of the classic Disney Princesses loved by all!

No matter how old I get, I will say it loud and proud that I am a Disney baby. I grew up watching Disney Princesses movies on TV and even read about them in books. It's not just all about the beautiful gowns, fancy tiaras, magic wands, but the lessons we learn from them that make us love them so much, right?

That's why, now that I am a mom myself, I am so glad to share the love for Disney Princesses with my real-life princesses, Athena and Brianna. We watch Disney Princesses' movies, we sing to their songs and even memorize their lines! Oh, the fun of having daughters. Jaear and I also bought them some Disney stuff, unconsciously satisfying my inner child's heart as some stuff I only dreamt of as a kid.

Are you a Disney fan too? I have good news for you, mommas. Shopee is bringing together our favorite Disney Princesses with the Disney Ultimate Princess Celebration, and you are invited! 

Shop for your favorite Disney Princess products and get up to 50% off!

Who among the Disney Princesses is your favorite? 

How cute are these Disney Princesses Plush Dolls!

As a kid, I've always loved Mulan. She's beautiful, courageous, and outspoken, which is what I wished to be.

Athena loves Elsa's strong will, patience, and selflessness. She also loves Rapunzel because she's clever, playful, and very adventurous. And then there's Merida of Brave, a bold, brave, daring, courageous, and headstrong girl.

Look how happy Athena is with her Disney Princess Shimmering Song Rapunzel Singing Doll. Yes, it sings "When Will My Life Begin" and lights up! Cool!  

Athena is also excited to use the Frozen Pouch set. She loves doing arts, so she is planning on putting her drawing and coloring materials there. 

Brianna, on the other hand, loves Belle because she is intelligent, kind, and has an active imagination. Brianna is also fond of Anna's goofiness, optimism, and caring heart.

And, she is definitely loving this Disney Frozen II Anna Cute Backpack. It's available on Shopee along with other Frozen designs. 

Now this Disney Princess Foodkeeper and Waterbottle set is for Brianna too. It will come in handy this coming school year. Though they are just doing distance learning, she loves having her snacks prepared in her snack box.

I am definitely loving all these Disney Princess stuff! I am sure you are too. So what are you waiting for? Grab your phones now and head into your Shopee app to join the Disney Ultimate Princess Celebration.

Promo is until July 31 only. I even suggest you start your Christmas gift shopping as early as now. 

Happy shopping!

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