Sunday, April 12, 2020

Last- Minute Easter Fun Activities for Kids + Printables

Easter Sunday is surely one of the holidays a lot of kids look forward to. Why not, it's the day that Christ has risen and is worthy of a celebration.

Tristan, Athena, and Brianna are definitely one of those kids. Ever since they found out that it's Holy Week, they were already looking forward to Easter. These past few years, we only celebrate Easter by going out to eat, and just treat the kids with play dates and toys. It's been a while since we had those Easter parties where there are egg hunting, egg painting, and other Easter fun activities.

This year, I planned it to be different. Early this year I was scouting for Easter events we could attend. I actually planned a lot of activities for the kids this summer. I wanted to enroll them in McDonald's Kiddie Crew and also Music School. But, because of the pandemic caused by CoVid-19, all plans were put on hold.

Yesterday, Athena kept on reminding me that it's about to be Easter and seems to be looking forward to some Easter fun! I honestly didn't have a backup plan. We haven't gone out to the grocery for more than a week now and so we don't have any candies and chocolates for today, we have eggs but I didn't want to use it for egg painting because it would be a waste of food. But we got ice cream and some popcorn so I just have to think of last-minute Easter activities to make our Easter exciting. It's what kept me busy most of the day. And, thanks to the wonders of the internet,  we now have something fun to do today!

So if you are looking for last-minute Easter Fun Activities you can enjoy with your kids at home, check this out!

Free Printable Templates at the end of the post. 

Easter Scavenger Hunt

Egg/treasure hunting is fun, but it is more exciting if you turn it into a scavenger hunt! Besides, we don’t have candies to hide, we only have ice cream and popcorns which served as their prize at the end of the hunt. Also, my kids are at the right age for some challenges. This is also a great way to practice their reading and comprehension. 

How to Set up the Hunt: 

First, print out the clue cards and cut them out! I have 3 sets of clue cards each for Tristan, Athena, and Brianna. Each clue cards have different templates and clues. Clues could be riddles, fill in the blank type, or questions related to the things and places inside the house. You can customize it however you want!

Second, hide the clues! The first clue card will be readily available to them and will lead them to the next clue to the other. Eventually, the clues will lead to the “surprise” at the end of the hunt. If you got candies, you can put some per clue so they’ll be more thrilled. Younger kids would love it

The surprise could be any treat your kids' love! Since we don't have candies or toys, the surprise at the end of the hunt is Egg printables that they can color and Easter coupons with corresponding treats written in it.

All three of them have "Family movie night with popcorn and ice cream" written in their coupons but each of them got an extra prize, a date with mommy, a new toy and sweet treats. 

Easter Coupons

Easter coupons are a great alternative to candies. In these coupons, you can write down special treats for your kids. I only prepared 1 coupon each for each kid since it was already late.

Feel free to print out more coupons and just write any treats you want to give your kids, it could be as simple as free hugs and kisses, 1-hour free screentime, free massage, movie night, day out at the park, etc. 

If you are not doing Scavenger Hunt, you could either raffle off this coupon and let them pick just one or give them all the coupons and they can use it anytime they want. 

Easter Egg Painting

For this one, I just printed out Easter Egg printables that kids can paint or color. They got 1 Easter Egg each at the end of the Scanvenger Hunt together with their Easter coupon. This way, no single egg goes to waste!

It looks like they are having fun! 

Athena is the first one to finish.

We stick their Easter Eggs at the fridge.

The kids enjoyed our last-minute activities. While painting their eggs, they kept on saying that this is their best Easter ever! And I couldn't be any happier. We were supposed to have our movie night but it was already late so tomorrow it is!

Here are Printable Templates for your Scanvenger Hunt!

Click photo to get printable Template 1:

Click photo to get printable Template 2:

Click photo to get printable Template 3:

Blank Templates for you to customize (Print it out and just write down your own clues):

Printable Eggs:

Happy Easter, everyone. Enjoy! 

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  1. kids really are looking forward sa egg hunting, nakkaamiss din ung happiness nila nila wd diff activities nung nakaraan. Your ideas are sure na hit Momsh.☺️ Thanks for this! ❤️