Saturday, October 26, 2019

Add color to your diet with Australian Navel Oranges + Facts

The main variety of orange is the Navel which is usually seedless, easy to peel, skin, very sweet juicy
flesh, and a small protrusion at one end that resembles a human navel (hence the name of this variety)

Australian Navel Oranges are available and in season from June to October each year. Hort Innovation’s Taste Australia campaign is bringing the highest quality Navel Oranges back from Australia’s southeast regions to the Philippines. It aims to cement existing trade relations and develop new partnerships between the two countries.

Only sourced from the highest quality crops, Australian oranges are at their prime and Taste Australia encourages consumers to make the most of the peak season and indulge in this colorful, sweet, juicy and nutritious fruit.

And just in time for Trick or Treat, we received a small box of Australian Navel Oranges. I added it on top of the candies the kids got from the Halloween party!

Health benefits

Australian oranges are famous for its high Vitamin C content and natural flu-fighting properties. They are also high in antioxidants, fibre, folate and potassium. Australian oranges have numerous health and nutritional benefits including:

● Nutrient density which is great for weight control
● Good source of folate which is perfect for pregnant women (may help prevent spina bifida) and the rest of the family (helps the immune system and heart)
● Great for blood pressure control with high potassium and low salt
● Rich in antioxidants which helps keep you fit and healthy throughout the year.

Application and recipes

Australian oranges are incredibly versatile, making them the perfect anytime snack or addition to sweet or savory dishes. Oranges are a great alternative to a quick fix sugary drink or a chocolate bar as they contain carbohydrates and B vitamins.

Must-try recipes can be found at

Selection and storage at home

1. Make sure to select fruit that has bright orange skin, is firm, and feels heavy for its size (avoid
dry, wrinkled or softer looking orangesas they do not ripen further after harvest.).

2. Oranges can be stored for up to two weeks at room temperature, and longer when refrigerated.

● Store oranges unwashed as moisture on the skin can lead to mould.
● Either peel or wash oranges in cool water before slicing. If cutting, use a clean cutting board to prevent cross-contamination.
● Do not freeze oranges or store them below 3°C.

You still have time to try this delectable fruit at in-store and sampling sessions taking place at participating retailers such as Rustan’s, Shopwise, Wellcome, S&R, Robinson’s, SM and other major supermarkets. Consumers can also find participating retailers, view trending recipes, learn helpful tips and tricks, or be involved in the latest conversations by following Taste Australia - Philippines on @TasteAustraliaPhilippines on Facebook and @TasteAustraliaPH on Instagram.

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  1. ooOh yess My most favorite fruit is orange i am eating 5-6 orange daily, His taste sticks with my tongue.