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NutriShake For Kids Review

When it comes to giving my kids vitamins, I don't have a problem at all, they are even the ones who would always remind me about it. With three kids, we've already tried several vitamin brands, syrup or chewable. And about a month ago, we've discovered something new, NutriShake - a vitamin shake for kids. It was sent to us to try and review, and now I’m going to share our thoughts about it.

But before that, let's learn more about the brand and the product first.

I honestly haven't heard about this product before, so my first instinct was to research about it.

There were no existing reviews about the product. Instead, my research directed me to website. Apparently, they are the manufacturer of NutritiShake and all other food supplements like glutathione capsule and weight loss capsules. And, guess what, is actually a homegrown brand which started in 2017 in Cebu City. Isn't that awesome?

NutriShake For Kids

NutriShake For Kids is a fairly new product of I found their Facebook page and they only started posting about it in June, if I’m not mistaken. So it looks like we are among the few people who gets to try it first. 

According to their website, "by the time children hit the early teens, most receive less than 50% of the key nutrients they need for development. And, NutriShake for Kids bridges that nutritional gap with 30 essential vitamins, minerals and micronutrients necessary to keep kids growing bodies their healthy best and to help boost energy and mental performance. It is fortified with cell-protecting antioxidants, whole bean soy, plus the “brain-building” nutrients DHA, PS, and PC."  Hence, it is ideal for children ages 4-12.

NutriShake for kids is available in a 450 grams plastic tub and has only 1 flavor, which is Chocolate. And, like all other's products, it met USA FDA regulations.

NutriShake For Kids Review

We received the product around the first week of June and I was pretty impressed with the packaging. The tub is made out of plastic, color white with a brown label where all the information you need to know is written. It has a seal with the brand name (kids removed the seal before I got the chance to take a photo) and another seal inside. It looks pretty neat. However, the review container that was sent to us contains 2 stickers on the serving scoop label. Originally it should be 1 scoop per serving but according to them, their supplier included the wrong size of the scoop (10g instead of 30g) so they had to adjust it by putting a sticker making it 3 scoops per serving. We were informed about this prior to receiving the products and assured us that this will be remedied with all their other containers.

Upon opening the tub, I was perplexed to see an off white colored powder instead of a brown given that the flavor of the vitamin shake is chocolate. Though it has a mild chocolate scent. Could it be another supplier mistake? I thought to myself so I held off giving it to my kids. I responded to the email I received prior to receiving the product raising my concern but didn’t get any response. I searched for reviews and found some on Lazada. Apparently, that’s really the color. Well, if that’s the case, they should write a disclaimer on the label to avoid confusing people.

So, after several days, I’ve finally decided to give it a try. I served a warm cup of NutriShake each to Tristan, Athena, and Brianna for breakfast. Of course, I also tested it myself before giving it to the kids. And, I can say that the taste and texture resemble that of a cereal drink and other adult protein shake I've tried before. It wasn't that sweet which for me is a plus, but, I could barely taste chocolate in it. 

Kids had a different take on the shake; Athena and Brianna liked it, on the other hand, Tristan claims that it was yucky but managed to finish his drink. 

Tried serving it to them for the second time in a row but they refused. After a few days, I asked them again, Athena and Brianna agreed, Tristan was still firm, he didn't like it. Eventually, I didn't have to ask Athena and Brianna, they were the ones asking for it until they emptied the tub.


Overall, I can say that it is a great product, given its nutritional content. As for the taste, it will always depend on your kids. Personally, I like it because it's not sweet, Athena and Brianna liked it, however, other kids might find the taste off, compared to other chocolate drinks, especially to picky eaters. But you can serve it in many different ways; you can make a fruit smoothie and use NutriShake instead of milk, you can also make popsicles out of it. 

A 450-gram tub of NutriShake For Kids costs Php 1,900 but it is currently on sale for just Php 1,600. Php 1,600 for 15 servings, I find it a bit expensive, especially if you compare it to other vitamins. For that amount, you could already get other vitamins that will last for a month. But come to think of it, if your kids are still drinking milk, you could replace their regular milk with NutriShake. It’s like hitting two birds in one stone, a healthy treat, and vitamins in one. For us though, as I said at the beginning of this post, I don't have any problems giving my kids their vitamins so there's no urgent need for me to switch. My kids drink milk but not as often as before. But, I am thankful that we were given a chance to try it and share it to everyone, especially to parents who need this kind of vitamins for their children. 

So, do I recommend it? Yes! It's definitely worth a try! 

You might be glad to know that they offer a 30 Day BuyBack Guarantee, which means that if your kids don’t LOVE NutriShake, they will refund your purchase price, no-questions-asked! How cool is that? 

You can buy NutriShake on their website:
It is also available in Lazada. 

Want to score a free NutriShake? Check on their social media pages below as they have an ongoing giveaway, Goodluck!

Twitter: @nutrition__ph

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