Monday, June 3, 2024

Camella: A Brand Rooted in Lifelong Dreams

Camella communities are built with amenities, like play parks, that foster lifelong connections. 

In 1977, a newly established gravel and sand company sparked a vision that would eventually transform it into a leading force in the national building sector.

As the company expanded into construction and property development, its ultimate mission emerged: to help every Filipino achieve the dream of homeownership. Leveraging its growing real estate operations, the company focused on turning these aspirations into reality, particularly for hardworking kababayans, including Overseas Filipinos (OFs)—the nation's unsung heroes.

The strategy evolved from building individual homes to developing entire housing communities, capitalizing on economies of scale and a network of construction experts and suppliers. This approach enabled the creation of cost-effective, high-quality homes. By offering homes with consistent designs and amenities, many Filipinos who once thought homeownership was unattainable saw their dreams come true. This innovation led to the establishment of Communities Philippines, which eventually grew into one of the country's most beloved and largest home builders, Camella.

Saturday, December 23, 2023

7 Secrets to Beat the Holiday Stress from MAGGI

As the 'ber months roll in, Filipinos can already feel the onset of the Christmas spirit. It's that time of the year when families start planning for the much-awaited holiday season in the Philippines. However, just like with any festivity, timing plays a crucial role in turning Christmas into the most enchanting celebration of the year!

Recognizing the significance of food and family gatherings during this festive period, MAGGI, as a trusted companion in the kitchen, acknowledges that Christmas revolves around the joy of sharing meals with loved ones. Christmas is a time when homecooks bring out the most special recipes – those that they love to cook and that their families enjoy sharing together, especially during Noche Buena. MAGGI is here to help empower Filipino homecooks na gawing mas magical ang Pasko as they prepare, cook and transform their dishes into the most delicious Noche Buena spread,” said Ms. Raine Calma, Food & Dairy Culinary Recipe Marketing & Digital Lead.

Friday, October 13, 2023

Camella National Family Day Celebration Fortifies Family and Community Connections

Capturing timeless bonds in Camella Bataan's photobooth

National Family Day in the Philippines is a heartfelt celebration brimming with love, unity, and treasured customs. It holds a special place in the hearts of communities across the country.

For Camella, the Philippines' foremost home builder this day is an opportunity for families residing in its vibrant neighborhoods to come together, strengthen their connections, and create lasting memories.

Camella recently observed its National Family Day with a diverse array of activities dedicated to family enjoyment and building stronger bonds. Spanning the entire month of September, the event encompassed both on-site and digital experiences, all designed to nurture familial relationships and promote the well-being of family life.

Wednesday, August 16, 2023

‘Yan Ang Isip Bata! TANG Empowers Kids to Create a Better Tomorrow in Tang Kidnovator Camp

"Isip-bata" or "to think like a child".In our society, this phrase is frequently regarded in a negative light. It implies a lack of maturity, unreliability, and a shortage of experience. Regrettably, the majority of individuals, whether they are adults or children, have adopted and normalized this expression. As a result of this perspective, we have ingrained the belief that children are incapable of independent thought and achieving remarkable feats.

But kids are not like that.

Wednesday, June 28, 2023

5 Appliances At Home na Maaaring Magamit sa Negosyo!

Naghahanap ka ba ng pwedeng dagdag na pagkakakitaan? Alam mo ba na ang isa sa pinakamahalagang puhunan ay posibleng nasa bahay mo na? Maraming gamit at appliences na posible mong gamitin panimula ng negosyo!

Here are some appliances na madalas ay nasa bahay na natin na pwedeng maging puhunan para sa patok na negosyo pang masa!