Saturday, March 25, 2017

Turn Back The Clock By Eating Your Way To Youthful Skin

Aging is inevitable, but growing old gracefully is a choice. Looking after our bodies, minds, and even our skin is a great investment for the future. The changes you make now will impact the aging process more than you could imagine. Pay attention to what you eat and you could turn back time and grow old gracefully…

Having a great diet is a huge part of looking good as we get older. Obviously, the food we eat affect how our bodies look, but it goes beyond that. The foods we eat can boost our brain power, improve our skin, and help us feel and look younger for longer.

We should all be eating more watermelon! UV damage is a common problem for those with skin pigmentation and brown spots. Exposure to the sun can increase the appearance of wrinkles, dry our skin, and create an uneven skin tone. Watermelon contains an antioxidant compound which helps to protect our skin from this kind of damage. Whilst it’s no substitute for slapping on the SPF, it’s a useful ally in the fight against aging. 

Worried about fine lines and wrinkles? Get some vitamin C in your diet. Vitamin C works by neutralizing free radicals. What this means for our skin is less fine lines, wrinkles, and dryness. Pomegranate seeds are a great source of vitamin C, what’s more, they contain anthocyanins which help to boost the production of collagen. You may already know, collagen helps to keep the skin strong and firm, rather than sagging and loose. Pomegranate also contains chemicals which reduce the appearance of inflammation, and added bonus! 

One of the first tell-tale signs of aging is grey hair. Of course, we should embrace these kinds of changes, but on our own terms. If you’re not ready to go grey get some more shiitake mushrooms into your diet! One of the reasons that people get grey hair prematurely is a lack of copper. Copper is essential for producing pigment for our skin and hair. Shiitake mushrooms are one of the best sources of copper out there. 

Sweet potatoes aren’t just delicious, they help to give our skin a youthful glow too. A diet rich in fruit and veg can result in a sun-kissed complexion. Some studies have shown that packing your meals full of red and orange fruit and veg can give you that elusive glow. We have carotenoids to thank for that. Carotenoids, found in sweet potatoes, also fight disease. 

From time to time we all suffer from the occasional breakout. Whilst this isn’t a sign of aging, it doesn’t help when we're trying to achieve fresh clear skin. Zinc has anti-inflammatory properties which help it to treat the redness acne causes. It also helps to speed up the process of skin cell renewal. Shellfish contains a high level of zinc, so if you needed any more excuses to eat lobster, here’s one! 

What in the world is a Lime Crime?

The cosmetic industry is undeniably growing. Now, more cosmetic brands are on the rise and in line with that, I would like to tell you about an amazing internet superstar who has risen to the top of the cosmetics industry! Her name is Doe Deere. She came onto the internet scene in 2004 when she registered her first online account with eBay. She decided to call her DIY fashion line “Lime Crime”. Yes, no doubt an unusual name, but one that suits her style and fashion sense. At the time she had a favorite color, bright green, hence the lime part of the name. Since her style was to use colors at their brightest and most vivid, she felt her fashion statement was so wild it would almost be illegal! Hence the crime part of the name, So Lime Crime was born.

Now Doe Deere has an almost rags to riches life story. She was born in Russia where her love for unusually strong, bright colors came to be. As a young girl, she would play with her best friends and put on makeup in unusual styles, such as dark pink eye shadow, crooked winged eyeliner, and brown lipstick! Yeah, that is where it all started.

At seventeen she went to live in New York City. Always having been imaginative and ambitious, she decided at that time to become a musician. She was soon in a band where she met her husband. They primarily performed in and around Brooklyn. The two of them worked well together collaborating on songs, music and promoting the band. These skills she would put to good use in the future.

While in the band Doe tried in vain to find the clothing and makeup that would allow her to express her own style or brand. Back in 2008, the makeup world believed in the super, natural beige gloss and earthy tones. But she was not into those styles. She believed that we express ourselves by what clothing, hair style and makeup we put on our body. And her style needed bright, vibrant colors so instead of going with the flow, she launched her own line of makeup and continued to use “Lime Crime” as the official company name.

Well, the rest is history, so to speak, The “Lime Crime” brand, with its intensely pigmented, bold, and vibrant line of animal-friendly cosmetics now has an international fan following. In fact, because of her creative and business acumen, she was named one of the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs by the Self-Made magazine since creating her explosive brand.

But watch out world, because she says there is much more to come! 

Friday, March 24, 2017

Easy Ways To Save Money Every Day at Home

It is so easy to spend money. From a trip to the supermarket just walking home from work, we can spend, spend, spend! A coffee here and there really adds up, as do the things that we do around the house. It seems like the world is full of instant gratification, and that the idea that if you don’t spend, you’ll be unhappy. But really, you’ll be the happiest when you can save some money for a rainy day and live within in your means, right? It seems like it is important more than ever to stay focused on your end goal of saving if that is what you want to do. You do have to make a commitment to change. Otherwise, it isn’t going to make a difference at all. So here are some things that you can start doing around the house today to save yourself some money. Some may just be pennies; some might be much bigger savings. But it does all add up over time. How is that for instant gratification?

SAHM's Money Management Challenges

Managing money when you're a stay at home mom can be difficult. You only have one income coming in, which can mean that money is tight. Even though you're not the one working, you might end up being responsible for the household budget. Or you could have the opposite problem and feel like you have no control. It can be strange to manage money when you're not currently earning it. Many of the issues you experience are common, and there are ways you can deal with them.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Home Sweet Home: How To Make Your Rented Property Your Own

With the current economic climate, more and more young people are having problems buying their own homes. Unless you’re willing to live at home for a long time or you’ve had an inheritance that’s big enough to help you out with a deposit, you might have accepted that for the time being, you’re on the conveyor belt of renting rather than the ladder of property investment. That isn’t always a bad thing - you’re free to move wherever you want whenever you want, and you can still make your home feel like your own little space. Here are some tips to help…

Read Your Lease Agreement Carefully

First and foremost, make sure that you’ve read your contract very carefully to figure out what exactly is and isn’t allowed in your rented home. Some landlords will permit things that others won’t, like putting holes in the wall to put pictures up. Some will even allow you to repaint the walls. You need to make sure that the changes you want to make to your new home won’t affect whether or not you get your deposit back at the end - you might not feel as though putting up that poster was worth not getting all that money back when it comes down to it.

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