Friday, May 26, 2017

Things To Consider When You Have More Than One Kid

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If you have a child already and are currently expecting, or planning on having the next, firstly; congratulations, what lovely news! Secondly; you have some planning to do, because having more than one small child in the family is a whole different ball game, so it’s a smart idea to prepare as much as possible.


Obviously, an extra little human in the household is going to require some space of their own, and for all their things. Try to remember all the stuff your first one needed (then double it, because you’re wearing those rose-tinted glasses), coupled with the fact that your firstborn will continue to grow and need more stuff. Therefore, being savvy with storage and space is a smart idea. If the kids will eventually share their bedroom, after baby’s moved out of your room, then it’s important that both feel they have their own areas within the room. Clothes, products, and toys will continue to multiply as is from nowhere; so finding specific places for everything will help the family find stuff with ease (hopefully alleviating any stressful situations). For some ingenious bedroom and storage ideas for your kids, check out Pinterest here.


Even if you managed to squeeze one small child in with both parents, and, sometimes, the dog into your first car that you bought as a couple about a decade ago (well done, that’s quite an achievement); it’s unlikely that another baby seat and a new child seat for your first child are all going to fit. As your family is growing, it’s time to invest in a suitable family car, that’s going to last a while and won’t break down on the highway en-route to a family getaway. If you’re thinking about a car upgrade, and don’t want the hassle of traipsing around a heap of car dealerships; then you could check out Cars and Co Mazda CX-5, who consider your time and money carefully, as they can deliver the vehicle straight to your door and offer competitive rates. You’ll feel much safer in a secure, spacious new car, and the whole family will appreciate it on any journey (which will also increase with an extra child).

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Whether it’s meal planning, or a weekly shop, or even shopping for items like clothes and books; it’s worth planning where and when you’re going to get stuff. Planning ahead allows you to pick some great deals on multi buys, and you’ll have the kitchen fully stocked up when the in-laws pop over for lunch at the weekend. Forward planning might seem like an annoying task, but you’ll appreciate the effort when you saved money and time (because nobody has to rush out to the store at the last minute). Make lists of what you’re likely to eat for the week ahead, and if it’s a large one-pot meal; it’s a good idea to make extra and freeze some, which helps if you need to feed the kids and yourself quickly, and with little fuss. Buying items you don’t immediately need, but will do something in the future, like a vacation, is a great opportunity to utilize sales and special offers. You can then be smug that you’re as ready as you can be for any occasion.

Convert Your Cluttered Attic Into A Stunning Bedroom

Have you always dreamed of turning your attic into a bedroom? -If so, why wait any longer? - It can seem like a big job, but once it's done there are so many benefits. Let alone it just being really cool!

So here's how.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Short Term Tips For Long Term Health Gains That Are Easy To Follow

For the modern person stressed with work, family responsibilities as well as the other countless amount of duties to take care of, the words ‘health disciplines’ sound like they come from an alien dimension. How can you find the time? Surely not everyone has the discipline to keep up with a healthy diet, correct exercise as well as maintaining their beauty standards.

Surely a modicum of unhealthy activity is generally necessary in our trying times of 40 hour work weeks, raising children and trying to squeeze some recreation time out at the end of the week? 

I'd say, you’re looking at it in entirely the wrong way.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Health Routines To Help The Whole Family

Our children learn a lot from us. When they’re young, they depend on us to teach them to talk. They then look to us when learning to walk. And, their behavior often comes from us too. These are legacies we’re happy to pass down. It’s wonderful to know you’ve passed on so much to someone else. And, who doesn’t want a child who learns their best bits? The bad news is, it’s not only your good side that your kids catch. They also pick up on less flattering parts which you would rather keep under the radar. And, this is never truer than when it comes to health. If you’re feeling unhealthy, the chances are your family will, too. So, it might be necessary to change the way you do things. Here are a few areas to focus on. 

Old Orchard Cranberry’s Summer Cooler Recipes

With summer’s scorching heat around, there’s nothing more delightful than sipping something cold and fruity. However, when you’re after a refreshing drink with the right balance of sweetness-and- tartness, Old Orchard Cranberry Juice is the answer. This thirst quenching drink can complement any meal and can serve as a base for easy-to- prepare mocktails. So whether you’re at home, on a vacation-out- of-town, or at a get-together party, these delightful non-alcoholic infusions would surely be a good company and help bring along the fun!

Non-Alcoholic Sangria


1 bottle Old Orchard Cranberry 64 oz.
1.5 liter lemon soda
1 orange
1 lemon
24 pieces of grapes


1. Combine chilled Old Orchard Cranberry and chilled soda in a punch bowl.
2. Wash fruit. Halve grapes and place in the bunch bowl.
3. Cut the orange and lemon into wedges.
4. Place the orange and lemon slices into the punch bowl. Stir and enjoy.

Summertime Kiddie Cocktail


1 cup Old Orchard Cranberry Juice
2 tbsp. fresh lemon juice
1/2 cup Gerolsteiner Sparkling Mineral Water
Fresh strawberries for garnish


1. Mix all liquids together
2. Pour in a tall glass over ice
3. Garnish with fresh strawberries

Cranberry Mocktail


1/2 cup Old Orchard Cranberry
½ cup ginger ale
Fruit for garnish


1. Pour Old Orchard Cranberry in a large glass over ice.
2. Slowly add ginger ale.
3. Garnish with a fruit slice, if desired.

Old Orchard is exclusively distributed by Fly Ace Corporation in the Philippines and is available in leading supermarkets and drugstores nationwide. For more updates, visit and like its official Facebook fan page: www.facebook.com/OldOrchardPH