Friday, October 13, 2017

Maptime: How Moms Can Nap Away Insomnia

Okay, so you don’t have insomnia, but it feels like you do! Part of being a parent is enduring a lack sleep. But, what the “experts” don’t tell you is that late nights and early mornings don’t stop. Even when the kids are out of their baby phase, they want to sleep in bed with mommy and daddy. Or, they have nightmares and can’t get to sleep without a parent. A mother who has to endure this is going to be one tired mommy. Thankfully, it turns out you can nap your way back to full health. 

Here is what every mother should know.
  • The 30-Minute Limit
We all know about a power nap, yet most of us wake up feeling worse than before. Why? It’s because we break the 30-minute limit. Experts say that any time after half an hour is when the body goes into deep sleep. It is called REM sleep and it’s what you should aim for at night time. During the day, however, it will only make you feel groggy and more fatigued. A nap, if it is short, should last no longer than 30 minutes but 20 minutes is the optimal amount of time.
  • The Full Sleep Cycle
If you are feeling adventurous, there is the full sleep cycle which lasts for 90 minutes. Yes, the experts said the 30-minute sequence was the limit, but that was for a short nap. It is possible to take a long nap and not feel as tired when you awake. One hour and a half should allow you to enter into the Rapid Eye Movement phase and make up for lost sleep. Be warned, however, that it is only an option if you have 90 minutes to spare. Go over the 30-minute limit without lasting the full ninety and your body will suffer. 
  • Don’t Nap At All
Napping is an excellent way to boost your energy levels, but it isn’t the only option. If you need an eye opener (literally), you might be better to talk a walk. Walking in the sunshine or the wind and rain is a great way to kick the body into shape. The light levels, for example, tell the brain that it isn’t time to sleep, which in turn increases hormone production. Just changing the interior design pattern of the house is another option. Painting with colors which are less likely to make you want to sleep in the day could help you get to bedtime. 
  • Don’t Break The Routine
Everyone has a sleep cycle, otherwise known as a bedtime. Just because you had a nap during the day doesn’t mean you get to push back your bedtime. Why? It’s because a nap makes up for lost sleep. By going to bed later, you will negate the effects of your power nap. Plus, it will ruin your routine and knock your body clock out of sync. The side-effects will result in less sleep and extra tiredness. So, whether you have a nap or not, don’t go to bed any later. 

Remember - 30 minutes or 90 minutes if you have the time. But, no more, no less. 

A List Of Leg-Lengthening Lessons For Non-Leggy Ladies

Legs are a powerful tool in the arsenal of a woman’s look. If you don’t have the longest of limbs, then you might not think that this applies to you. However, that’s not strictly true. You deserve to have legs that look good as every super tall supermodel out there. A few tricks are going to help you do just that, too.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Tips For Going From Renting To Buying

The fact is that there are thousands of people in the country who rent rather than buying because buying can seem out of reach for many of us. That being said, that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case, just because buying a home of your own can be expensive, that doesn’t mean that it is a dream that is out of reach. 

If you have always wanted a family home of your own, but so far have only been able to afford to rent, you may feel like buying a home of your own is something that is out of reach for you. However, the fact is that is not the case - your ability to buy a family home of your own all comes down to how you go about it. 

Bearing that in mind, below are some tips and pieces of advice for going from renting a home to buying one. For everything that you need to know to get a foot on the property ladder, read on. 

Taking Date Night to a Whole New Level: Turning Your Home into a Cinema

The times where cinema date night had to actually take place in the cinema are gone. Now, the fact that home cinemas can be installed and can be made to feel like an authentic cinema experience, means that a trip to the movies can be as easy as just entering another room in your home. For advice on how to turn your home, or specifically a room in your home, into a cinema, then make sure to read on.

Water A Lot Of Bathroom Bother!

Home renovations are pretty much the most exciting time for a homeowner. Being able to look around your home and make changes that suit you, your children and your lifestyle are simply exciting and if you have the time and money to do it – you should! For most people, home renovations only begin when something goes wrong, but if you wait for something to go wrong before you make some tidy upgrades or give a space a fresh lick of paint, you could be waiting for a long time.

When you have children, home renovations become a necessity and the kitchen and bathroom are often the first places to be looked into. These rooms often have more wear and tear than the rest of the house, as they are the ones used the most. Kitchens are to be upgraded every time your gas pipes and boiler need a replacement, as sometimes the piping is on the walls and you will need a fresh coat of paint. It’s exciting to choose the design of your new kitchen, but what about the bathroom?