Monday, November 30, 2015

5 Tips to Boost Your Immunity during the Holidays

Have you ever wondered why you feel stressed during holidays even though it’s supposed to be fun and exciting? The saying too much of a good thing fits this situation perfectly. The good things brought by thinking how you can make someone happy with a simple yet special gift on those war like sales at the department stores, The thought of how to make those smiles appear from the faces of those who comes in your house after spending hours and hours decorating your place, the idea of everyone feasting to the food that you tried to learn after searching rigorously online and even the small details on how you can make this year’s holiday extra special. All of those adding to our daily activities which already consumes a lot of time can definitely give you some challenges especially for a mom like me. Good thing I follow these 5 tips that keeps me strong and healthy despite the holiday stress:

Stress free tip no. 1: Plan!

Planning your activities and setting up your priorities can save you a lot of time, effort and resources which will not only save you from the stress of a hectic schedule but will also prepare you even better on completing your task efficiently. Less time working means more time enjoying! This way instead of worrying how to start or finish what you need to do, you’ll be able to look on the brighter side of things which is to see your love ones happy.

Stress free tip no. 2: Stick to a sleeping schedule!

Everyone thinks that this is the thing you do to end the day but it’s the opposite for me. It’s a must that we get enough sleep to start the day right. You need the energy that can last for you to finish you tasks. Not getting enough sleep can lower your immune system which will make you vulnerable to virus and sickness. You don’t want to be like The Grinch who’s always grumpy during the holidays do you? Sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite.

Stress free tip no. 3: Eat Healthy! 

You don’t have to starve yourself but pay attention to what you eat and drink. There are foods and drinks that can provide you a temporary energy boost but it’s better to eat nutritious food like fruits and veggies balanced with some meat and fish. Eating right will make you more focused on the things you need to do instead of thinking what to eat next. Don’t forget to also drink plenty of water because it’s good for your body. It helps you feel less hungry as well as keeps you hydrated which is good for your skin. You really can’t blame the holiday for giving you a big belly right?

Stress free tip no. 4: Stay active! Exercise!

I know it’s hard to squeeze this in your schedule but if there’s a will there’s a way. First you can take stairs instead of elevators, Second have fun playing sports with your friends, Third walk to near places instead of riding a vehicle *Hey it’s a win win situation! Less pollution while getting fit right?*, Fourth clean your place cause it will keep you active and give you a clean environment for those happy thoughts and smart ideas to flow and last but not the least is limit your time from the television. There’s so many things to keep you active without even noticing that your already on your way to a healthier and fitter you.

Stress free tip no. 5: Take vitamins, Take Fern C!

Every superhero has a sidekick that’s always there to boost their strength. Fern C is my sidekick as a SuperMom whose job is to be a Blogger, Nurse, Wife, Cook, Teacher, Friend and everything in between that a Mother fulfills. I get vitamin C that helps me in Iron Absorption to prevent anemia especially during those days when I feel that 24 hours isn’t enough as a mom. I’m able to have my daily dose of Antioxidants that gives me a strong immune system to avoid diseases.

What I love most about Fern C is how Sodium Ascorbate unlike Ascorbic Acid doesn’t cause stomach upsets while giving the same benefits of building up and strengthening our immune system against infections and stress. Sodium helps prevent colds, promotes fast wound healing and prevents bone fractures and vulnerability of the small blood vessels which a mom like me can’t afford to have even for a day.

This holiday season let’s all say No to stress because with Fern C you can say Yes to your Best!

You can get more details by visiting this website:

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~Mommy Poreber

Saturday, November 28, 2015

How dirty is your Keyboard?

On one average day a dirty secret surprised me! I was browsing online, playing some games and when i was about to do some blog posts the horror happened! The letter A, Z, Q and TAB keys suddenly stopped working and there's no way I'm gonna use the on screen keyboard. I was already thinking that it's maybe time to buy a new one. I tried to unplug and plugged the keyboard back again in hopes that it might have been just a loose connection but there was a far more sinister reason that i soon discovered.

Warning! Filthy images ahead:

It's definitely not a good sight upon checking under those keys mentioned. It's been 3-4 years since  we got this keyboard and this was the first time that i thought on cleaning deep below the keys. We normally just sweep away the dirt and dust on the side and top of each keys and sometimes even wiping it with alcohol but had forgotten to do some cleaning under.

The horror... Some might say. I Immediately remove the keys and cleaned under it. It was pretty easy but something I've neglected for the past years. 

I cleaned the main part first and did the same with the rest of the keys. It's not like it's spotlessly clean now but there's definitely a very BIG difference right?

Fortunately it worked again and I'm thankful that this keyboard lasted me for that long.
It's now time for some fresh clean ideas from my happy fingers

Just in case anyone else want to try it. Here's a video sample of how to remove the keys from this kind of keyboards. Try to give it a try and share on the comment if it worked for your keyboard too.
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~Daddy Poreber

Friday, November 27, 2015

PhilCare Launches Unlimited Medical and Dental Consultation Cards

"Prevention is better than cure" 

I don't know how many times I've heard and have used this saying, it may be cliche but the essence of it never changes. However, people tend to disregard it's importance especially when it comes to health. This has been uncovered during the 2014 PhilCare Wellness Index, the first of its kind study in the Philippines. 

Majority or about 74% of Filipinos views health as "curative" rather than preventive. Meaning, they choose to self medicate and will only consult a doctor when they are already sick, which is indeed very alarming. High cost of consultation is one of the reason that prevents them from doing so. 

I got invited last November 24, 2015 at Bistro Pamana over an  intimate Thanks giving party for Bloggers which is also the launching of the Unlimited Medical and Dental Consultation Cards, which is PhilCare's solution to the health situation we have here in the Philippines. 

"PhilCare believes that prevention is always better than cure. Other than leading a healthy lifestyle, Filipinos should also be able to have immediate access to their doctors during onset of any illness or even just to check the progress of their health. Our new Unlimited Medical and Dental Consultation Cards will address this need." says Noemi G. Azura, President and CEO of PhilCare

PhilCare understands that each age range has specific health concerns, that's why they developed three variants of the Unlimited Medical and Dental Consultation Cards according to the age of its users.

Medical and Dental Consultation for Kids - (Php 3,700) for kids aged 1 to 17 years old.
 Offers unlimited medical consultations to more than 5,500 PhilCare-affiliated pediatrician and one year unlimited consultation with Dental Network dentists. 

Medical and Dental Consultation for Adults- (Php 3,600) for adults aged 18 to 64 years old.
Medical and Dental Consultation for 65+- (Php 5,000) Ideal for adults aged 65 and above.
--- Card offers unlimited medical consultation to more than 9,600 PhilCare-affiliated family medicine specialists, internal medicine specialists, cardiologists and gastroenterologists nationwide. One year access to Dental Network dentists. 

Patty P. Henson, SVP and Chief Marketing Officer for PhilCare shares, "The unlimited consult cards makes consultations easy, affordable and available for everyone- especially for senior citizens. No long paper work to register, activation of the card is done by text and can be used 3 days immediately after activation. We always said that PhilCare Makes Health Happen- this is a testament to that commitment."

This is definitely a good news to everyone, I just hope that this will change people's approach on health and wellness.

Together with the PhilCare Bosses and one of the winner, Mr. Oscar Bornea.

At the event PhilCare hosted a contest and my flatlay photography skill (haha) won me my own Smart Check Up Card- Annual Physical Exam Package. 

I am looking into getting Unlimited Medical and Dental Consultation Cards for my parents who are in the province and the good news is, PhilCare has also made it easy for everyone to purchase courtesy of its efficient shopping online system.

For more information you can visit their website: 

To buy, just log on to the website.

#UnliConsult4Ever #MakeHealthHappen

~Mommy Poreber

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Great Value Everyday! iTrueMart Debuts in the Philippines

It's the Christmas Season already, one of the most awaited and celebrated occasion by most Filipinos. In fact, Filipinos are known to have the longest Christmas celebration and that starts as soon as the Ber-months begin. One of the Christmas traditions we Filipinos observe is the gift giving or exchange gifts, which is actually being observed on any occasions. Everyone seems to be excited about it but in all honesty not all has the time to actually go out and shop and why online shopping plays a big role. However, with the increase in the number of online shops here in our country, we really couldn't tell whether which one is to trust. But this should not be a problem anymore because iTrueMart is now here in the Philippines, making shopping a whole lot better!

iTrueMart, Thailand's leading e-commerce retailer has launched the e-commerce website to serve the Philippine market and bring an unrivaled shopping experience with the goals of becoming the top-of-mind e-commerce brand, to have great assortment at best prices, to provide the best end-to-end customer experience and to become the most trusted online shipping platform.

I together with my fellow Bloggers got to attend the launching last November 24, 2015 
at Discovery Primea Ayala Ave. Makati City.

"Great Value, Everyday" that is their slogan, because assures that they only work with  authorized distributors of international brands and act as authorized dealer of local brands so customers can be assured that all products on the website are genuine. Customers can browse through a variety of verified and trusted both local and international brands like Cherry Mobile, MyPhone, ArcMobile, Samsung, Asus, Xiaomi, TDK, Lenovo and enjoy truly amazing offers every day with special promotions, deals, and privileges for everyone, catering Filipinos' love for bargains.

As of now, their current focus is on smartphones and gadgets and it will expand into consumer electronics, computers and laptops, health and beauty and moms and kids in the future. 

Convenient and risk free, iTrueMart makes customers online shopping experience one-of-a-kind with its easy-to-navigate assortments, best buy endorsements, exceptional promotions and quality customer service. Purchases are risk and hassle-free and customer satisfaction is assured with it's free delivery, cash on delivery and money-back guarantee. 

iTrueMart was launched in Thailand in 2013 by True Corporation as a business-to-concsumer (B2C) e-Commerce platform, following the success of its consumer-to-tconsumer (C2C) platform, WeLoveShopping. Both brands became part of Ascend Commerce, a business unit of Ascend Group.

Mr. Punnamas Vichitkulwongsa, CEO of Ascend Group says, "e-commerce will have huge potential when the AEC fully materializes. According to a study by Ystats SE Asia eCommerce, the volume of ASEAN's mobile internet users rose 56% in 2015. Recognizing the growing number of mobile-internet users, we are confident that online shopping will also grow. The AEC is an emerging and interesting market for e-commerce through which entrepreneurs can expand their business."

They are debuting their operations in the Philippines followed by Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Malaysia and Singapore later in 2016. 

"We are committed for long term success in the Philippines and everywhere else that we go to." he added.

Mr. Seubsakol Sakolsatayadorn, General Manager of the iTrueMart division at Ascend Commerce,says " is not a newcomer to the market as the team is backed by the strong success of iTrueMart in Thailand. receives 7,000 orders per day on average, with the highest volume of daily orders at 10,000. This marks the highest record in Thailand's online retail industry."

According to Mr. Sakolsatayadorn, "'s delivery averages at two days throughout Thailand and it enjoys the lowest e-commerce return rate, which confirms the trust and shows the high quality of the products offered on the website.

Mr. Dean Krstevski, Chief Operating Officer E-Commerce of Ascend Group says, "iTrueMart's decision to launch in the Philippines stemmed from the fact that competition in the e-commerce sector in the Philippines is still considered low. With the market still in its infancy there are plenty of opportunities for new players to enter. Now that the e-commerce market is being developed, brands are increasingly looking for partners to sell their products online, which iTrueMart sees as a great advantage that will help speed up its market entry.We are confident of our success in the Philippines because we have a strong team with extensive experience in both online and offline retail."

This Christmas season aside from attractive Christmas campaigns and great value Mr Krstevski also guaranteed delivery of your orders before Christmas eve. Great! Isn't it?
Note: iTrueMart.PH is currently delivering in Luzon area and will further expand from the beginning of next year.

Me, together with the Big Bosses (left-right) Mr. Seubsakol Sakolsatayadorn, Mr. Punnamas Vichitkulwongsa and Mr. Dean Krstevski is the answer to Filipinos' shopping woes, offering various products, easy payment methods and great deals with just a click of a button. It allows shopping from home or the office, using a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone- definitely an easier and faster way to shop. Online shopping is the future and is here to stay.

Got this as a gift from the event. The mysterious itrueMART PH box ^_^ Find out on my next blog post about it's content and review.

~Mommy Poreber

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

TeamPoreber's Christmas Forever Giveaway Closed

Giving and Sharing doesn't really need that much of an explanation. That's why we're taking this chance to give and share our blessings to everyone in partnership with Mary Pauline Salon Star Mall Las Pinas branch, MySlim and itrueMART PH! We're thankful for so many things so here's our blog giveaway as a chance for 3 lucky people to be thankful too.

Hair Makeover Package of either Rebond or Brazilian Blowout

Regular price ranges from 2500-4500 depending on hair length
Brazillian Blowout
Regular price ranges from 2500-4500 depending on hair length

Get any of these for free in any length!
Prize (service) must be claimed at Mary Pauline Salon Star Mall Las Pinas Branch
Open for those residing within Metro Manila or at least someone who can actually go to Las Pinas to avail the service.

Here's how I look after going to their salon last month. It's definitely going to be worth it if you're within the metro!

1k worth of mySlim and Gluta Products!
Prize will be shipped to the winner's Address
Open to anyone living in the Philippines

This will surely make you even more sexier and beautiful!

500 pesos worth of Gift Certificate with no minimum purchase!
Includes free delivery from itrueMART PH
Prize will be emailed to the winner as an electronic coupon!
Open to anyone living in Luzon

Here's some items that you can get from this new online shop!

Mechanics on the Rafflecopter below:
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But wait there's more! I've partnered with fellow bloggers who will be hosting their own giveaways as well. Check out their links here: 

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Good Luck and Advance Merry Christmas from TeamPoreber

~Mommy and Daddy Poreber